Walking Aid Review

Knee Walker

Knee Scooter

A Knee Walker, more commonly known as a Knee Scooter. It is a medical device used to help individuals who have suffered injuries or undergone surgeries on their lower leg, ankle, or foot. It is a mobility aid that allows people to move around without putting unnecessary weight on the injured or operated area.
A knee walker typically consists of a padded platform on which the injured leg rests, with wheels and handlebars for steering. Your good leg will propel the knee walker forward.

Knee Scooters are preferred over traditional crutches or wheelchairs as they offer more stability and comfort. Therefore you can use them on various terrains. They are also more convenient for carrying items.
Knee walkers come in various designs and sizes and can be adjusted to suit the user’s height and weight. Finally, they are available for purchase or rental from your local medical supply stores and by many insurance plans.