How to Choose the Right Mobility Aids

Use my independent reviews to choose the best cane, walker or rollator to help you, or your loved one, maintain independence & mobility. And reduce the chance of falling!

What's the Best Knee Scooter?

Once you compare the best knee scooter to using clunky crutches, you'll see why knee scooters, or knee walkers, are such a great choice if you've had surgery, or an injury, to your leg, foot or ankle.

When I compare quality, portability, features and price, I highly recommend the Steerable Knee Scooter by KneeRover on Amazon.  It has 4 non-marking 10" pneumatic wheels for excellent stability on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Check Amazon's price on the Steerable Knee Scooter.

The Steerable Knee Scooter fits either right or left legs, has a deep 3.5" contoured knee resting platform that's height adjustable, 300 lb weight capacity and it has a stylish green color!   And the KneeRover has an adjustable locking handbrake for safe control.

Because it only weighs 22lbs, and folds up, it's extremely portable and you can take it anywhere you need.  And I love that it has a tool-free assembly and set-up! And you can check Amazon's price on the Steerable Knee Scooter by Knee Rover.

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How to choose the best knee scooter

Best Medical Walkers

best medical walkers to choose from

Looking for reliable information to help you choose among the best medical walkers on the market? Click here to read my reliable buying tips and reviews.

There are three basic styles of the best medical walkers: standard medical walkers, rolling walkers and rollator walkers.  You can read more about the differences of each style, so you can choose the best model for your mobility and budget.

Best Rollator Walker to Choose

Drive Medical Rollator with Seat

What's the best rollator walker to choose? Choosing the best rollator walker, for you, depends on your injury or disability, your current lifestyle and your body size.

Let's talk about rollator walkers, how they're different from medical walkers, the best rollator walker accessories.... Read More

How to Choose the Best Quad Cane

A quad cane has four tips for stability.

Wondering how to choose the best quad quad cane for the most mobility and freedom? Quad canes are very popular mobility aids because they give the most firm support of any cane type, they stand on their own, and they're an amazing help when you're trying to stand up. Finding the best quad cane can give you the confidence and independence you want.

Here's my best buying tips and advice to help you..... Read More

How to Use - and push - the Best Knee Scooter

How to choose the best knee scooter.

Its important to know how to use the best knee scooter so you won't delay your healing - or re-injure - your knee, foot, ankle or leg.

I'll review how to make sure you're properly fitted and positioned on your knee scooter. And I'll show you how to properly push your best knee scooter forward....... Read More

Best Walkers for Seniors

The best walkers for seniors make all the difference!

If you choose among the best walkers for seniors, you can help yourself enjoy more years of independent mobility and freedom.

Whether you have an injury, are recovering from recent surgery, struggle with arthritis or have back issues, there is a walker style that's right for you.

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What's the best adjustable folding cane?

An adjustable folding cane is a great mobility aid choice because they're strong, lightweight and fold up into a compact size, to store, when you don't need them. And if you do need the support of a folding cane, you can just quickly snap it open! And it's great to see that there are many adjustable folding canes that come in great new colors & styles.

Adjustable folding canes are prefect for traveling too.

This is my #1 recommended folding cane for ladies: the  Duro-Med Adjustable Folding Cane on Amazon.  It adjusts to your specific height, and when you fold it, it's small enough to fit in your purse or bag! It has a lovely wood derby handle that looks sharp. But don't let the beautiful floral design fool you -it supports up to 250lbs. This Duro Med Folding Cane on Amazon is a great combination of feminine beauty, convenience and strength!

You can check Amazon's price on the lovely Duro-Med Adjustable Folding Cane on Amazon.

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How to Walk with a Quad Cane

Yes, if you have a quad cane, there is a specific walking pattern that you need to use. Physical therapists have developed a special quad cane walking pattern so that you can get the most support and balance help, while safely using your quad cane.

Here's my easy-to-follow instructions on how to walk with a quad cane..... Read More

Should you choose one of the best walkers with seats?

duro med rollator with seat

Are you wondering if you should choose one of the best walkers with seat?

Walkers with seats are a great mobility aid choice because you can walk faster than with a medical walker, but you'll also be able to sit down whenever you need to take a rest. And walkers with seats are incredibly handy to use at a table in a restaurant.

And now there are some very stylish rolling walkers with seats for travel too! These new rolling walkers, or walker rollators, are small, lighter and fold up right into a suitcase!

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Mobility Aids are Independence!

And if you'd like to know more about what Medicare covers, for your mobility aids, click here for this Medicare coverage information.

Yes, choosing the right mobility aid means more freedom, independence and safety for you or your loved one.