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Best Bariatric Shower Chair

The most effective bariatric shower chair or seat can keep you secure while you bathe and allow you to appreciate showering again.
And also, you can see my # 1 bariatric bathroom bench recommendation: the Medline Bariatric Bathroom Chair, on Amazon.
If you have special needs, an injury, you’re recouping from surgery, or you’re a hefty individual, dropping in a damp, slippery restroom can be frightening. However, you can choose the most effective bariatric shower bench that will give you a protected seat that won’t slide on your shower or bathtub and is made comfy.
My # 1 Pick: the Medline Bariatric Bath Chair

I recommend the Medline Bariatric Bath Chair, readily available on Amazon.com.


Heavy Duty Shower Chair

Here’s why it is an excellent option for those on the heavier side: it securely holds up to 500 lbs, needs no devices to construct, and has added suction mug feet for stability.

The Medline Bath Bench is elevation adjustable and mainly designed with contoured seat fits.

You can check Amazon’s rate on the Medline Bariatric Bathroom Bench.

Let’s discuss a few of the distinct attributes you ought to keep an eye out for when you’re purchasing the very best bariatric shower Chair:

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First, if you’re a high or more prominent individual, try to find a bariatric seat with an optimum weight limit above your own. You’ll see many strong chairs with weight limitations of 500 – 700 pounds. Please only purchase one with a max weight limitation near or below your weight.
After that, you need to have a look at the seat. I recommend a shaped plastic seat that’s curved instead of a flat seat. A contoured seat is far comfier because it’s formed to fit your body. And also, always inspect to ensure the seat has drain openings! Drainage openings maintain the water from pooling on the seat, and it makes the seat much more secure and also less slippery.

You can see my # 1 bariatric bath Seat recommendation: the Medline Bariatric Bathroom Chair, on Amazon.com.

More Tips to Choose the Best Bariatric Shower Chair

Bariatric chairs or seats are designed with broader and much deeper seats to fit a more prominent individual’s structure. You’ll feel great when you rest on an appropriately sized seat. Ensure that the legs on any bathroom bench you’re considering acquiring are adjustable. It’s essential to change the bench elevation to your own proper height’, so you put on t stumble when you sit or stand. I’ve seen models with seat height changes from 14″ to 21″.

And also, I think the very best heavy-duty shower chairs are the models with soft suction cups on completion of the legs. Because suction cups help keep your seat from skidding, I think having the suction cups offers you an added level of security and safety that’s vital when you’re in the tub. 

My # 1 bariatric bath chair recommendation is the Medline Bariatric Bath Chair on Amazon.


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You’ll feel protected and safe after selecting the most effective bariatric shower chair!

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