Walking Cane Rubber Tips

If you’re shopping for new walking cane rubber tips for your cane, my reviews will help you find the right tips. After all, worn out or cracked walking cane rubber tips can cause you to trip or fall.

You can see my #1 recommended walking cane rubber tips: Essential Medical 3/4" Cane Tips on Amazon. These tips provide skid-resistant traction and are 3/4" diameter which is the most popular cane size.

Check Amazon's price on the Essential Medical Cane Tips.

Or, if you  have a quad cane or four prong cane, I recommend this replacement walking cane tip:

I recommend this Pharmaceutical Specialties Quadruple Cane Tip on Amazon to my readers that use a quad or 4 prong cane.

The two most commonly replaced walking cane rubber tips are single cane tips and four prong (quad) walking cane tips. And we'll talk about how to measure, choose and replace walking cane rubber tips.

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Measuring Walking Cane Rubber Tips

Best Walking Cane Rubber Tips Review

Let’s face it, all cane tips wear out eventually, especially if you do a lot of walking outdoors. Concrete, gravel or brick sidewalks & paths can really eat up the best walking cane rubber tips. So, instead of buying a brand new cane, it’s much more economical and safe to buy new walking cane rubber tips.

Measuring for Walking Cane Rubber Tips

When you’re replacing your walking cane rubber tips, it’s critical to know your cane shaft diameter for a proper & safe fit. If you’re not sure what size walking cane rubber tips you need, just take off your worn out tip and measure the cane shaft across the bottom.

You don’t want to measure the circumference of the cane shaft – you just want to measure diameter by placing the tape measure across the bottom of the shaft.

If you have a 1" cane shaft, you need 1" walking cane rubber replacement tips like these:

I highly recommend the Carex Replacement Cane Tips on Amazon.

Although I often see popular canes with ¾” tips, there are also tips available in ½”, 5/8”, 7/8”, 1” and 1 1/8” sizes too.

 Walking Cane Rubber Tips Review

I wanted to include, on this walking cane rubber tips review section, a short review on cane tips for ice. Yes, a lot of my readers say that they're concerned about using their cane in snow or ice. The last thing anyone wants is to fall on snow or ice!

But I wanted to let you know that there is a walking cane attachment designed to safely give you better traction in ice or snow.

Here's a walking cane tip attachment I recommend because it fits on all cane sizes!

I recommend this Cane Ice Tip Attachment on Amazon! It easily attaches to your cane tip to make it safer for you to walk in snow or ice.

This Cane Ice Tip Attachment is made of strong steel with a 5 prong grip. And it's a universal cane tip attachment that fits on all cane sizes!

Check Amazon's price on the Cane Ice Tip Attachment.

As you probably know, it's all too easy to slip & fall in icy or snow conditions. In addition to putting an ice attachment on your cane, remember to wear boots with non-skid soles. This will help prevent you from falling & injuring your hip, leg, etc.

If you'd like to read more winter tips for seniors, read this article on HealthinAging.org.

If you'd like to learn more about how to choose the best adjustable folding cane for your mobility level, click here.

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