Three Wheel Rollator Review

If you're looking for a three wheel rollator, use my review and buying tips to find the best one for you and your lifestyle.  And greatly reduce your risk of falling.

Three wheel rollators are often called three wheel walkers - but they're the same thing.

Choosing the Right Three Wheel Rollator

A three wheel rollator is specifically designed as a triangular shape to allow you to easily walk or move in tighter spaces. Because the width of a 3 wheel model is much narrower than a standard model or rollator and you'll easily move through small hallways, corridors or aisles.

I highly recommend this Winnie Lite Supreme 3 Wheel walker rollator on Amazon! It has so many great features like a very light 13lb total weight - but it's aluminum frame is strong enough enough to assist someone up to 300lbs!  Its 7.5" casters feature unique soft-grip tires that work perfectly on carpet and floors.

And this  Winnie Lite Supreme on Amazon is really  handsome! It's got an attractive & sleek design - not medical or fussy. And the plaid pouch, for your personal items, is stylish too.

You can check Amazon's price on this Winnie Lite Supreme 3 wheel rollator.

A three wheel rollator will allow you to walk faster and are suited for those of us that can support some of our body weight in our legs.

They're also outfitted with safety brakes on each handle so you can slow down or stop at anytime. And some models have seats - which are great for when you need to take a rest.

And, personally, one of the things that I think is great is that they take up less "parking space"! They quickly fold up or collapse, and because of their smaller size, they can easily be tucked against a wall, in a corner - or a car trunk!

3 wheel rollator

They're also a great choice for indoor and  outdoor use. And its exciting to see that there are new models available in great colors and snazzy designs.

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