Standard Walker Review & Buying Tips 

Use my standard walker review page to find the perfect one for you - or  your loved one. Choosing the right mobility aid is important because it can give you more years of freedom!

And you can see my top recommended standard walker: the Drive Medical Folding Designer Walker on Amazon.

There are many models on the market so I wrote this review to help you choose the perfect one for your needs & lifestyle.

Chose the Right  Standard Walker...

best standard walker

If you need more mobility & support than a cane can offer, a standard walker is something you should consider. They're designed to help those of us who have balance issues or poor upper arm strength.  Standard walkers provide more support than canes or rollators  and they greatly reduce your chance of falling. They'll give you a lot of confidence & security. 


I do highly recommend the Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Designer Walker on Amazon as the best because it's lightweight, strong and  comes in stylish colors!

The height is easily adjustable and it has new easy-release push buttons for quickly folding it up! I love the high quality 1" diameter aluminum construction too.

This Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Designer Walker on Amazon is available in gray, pink or blue- it doesn't look medical or fussy. Just attractive & stylish. I think this walker is the best all-around choice. You can get this Drive Medical Designer model at Amazon.

Standard walkers are also called medical walkers. They have four legs with rubber tips at the end. They have no wheels. Almost all of them are made of strong and lightweight aluminum.

Because they have no wheels, you'll need to lift & move standard walkers forward with each step you take. Yes, getting around will be a little bit slower, but you'll get the most support & help with balance.

And almost all models easily fold up - so you can put them in a car trunk or put them out of the way, when you're not using it.

More Buying Tips

Contoured Grip

And one more thing that I think is really important is to look at the hand grips of any model you're thinking about buying. A good grip or handle can make all the difference! You'll want to make sure the grip or handle is contoured, or ergonomically designed, to be comfortable in your hand. The more comfortable the hand grip, the more enjoyable it will be to use - and less tiring too!

Personally, I have some peripheral neuthropy (numbness/tingling) in my hands, so I always need a grip that contoured & cushioned. A contoured or ergonomic grip makes a big  difference!

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Now you know you can choose the best standard walker!