How to Select a Rolling Walker

Knowing how to select a rolling walker is important because the right model can give you more freedom and safety. A rolling walker is a great choice for someone who can support some of their body weight in their legs – but still needs a little help with balance & support when they walk.

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The frame of a rolling walker is similar to a standard walker frame, so they do look similar. But, a rolling walker has a wheel on each the two front legs. And you’ll be able to walk much faster using it.

I highly recommend this EZ2Care Deluxe Rolling model on Amazon! It has two 5" wheels in the front and two slip-resistant rubber tips on the back legs - and it moves very  smoothly.

It's super easy to fold/unfold and it's made of anodized aluminum for safety and strength - but it's still lightweight. And it adjusts to your own height.

I have this EZ2Care Deluxe Rolling Model from Amazon and I can tell you that the contoured hand grips are very soft and comfortable! Comfortable grips are important for everyone, but especially  for those of use with arthritis, joint pain/stiffness or nerve damage. Like me.

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It’s the front wheels that make a rolling model so different to use, which is important to know & keep in mind when you’re selecting a rolling walker.

Unlike a standard walker, which you have to lift up each time you take a step, you just push a rolling walker ahead of you. There’s no lifting or pausing. Just one smooth action as you move forward.

One reason so many people choose a rolling walker is because their wheels work so well on carpet. And many users also put inexpensive ski glides on the rear two legs to help them glide along the carpet even faster!

Almost all models quickly fold up, at the touch of a button. That’s so handy if you want to go out to a movie, a restaurant, church, etc. and want to tuck it out of the way, when you sit down. Also, once it’s folded up, it fits very easily in your car trunk.

And don’t forget to that you’ll need to adjust the height of your rolling walker before you use it. Your doctor or physical therapist can give you advice on the correct height setting for you.

How to Select a Rolling Walker if You’re Taller or Larger

If you’re larger, or taller, like many of us, you’ll really want to select a bariatric rolling walker. They’re perfect mobility aid choice for taller or bigger people – and now they come in stylish designs too.

Many standard rolling walkers have maximum weight guidelines of approximately 250 lbs.  But bariatric models are cleverly designed to support more body weight – and still be attractive.

My best bariatric walker recommendation is the Medline Bariatric Folding Walker with 5" wheels on Amazon. It's designed with an aluminum frame with a front cross brace and two side braces, for extra strength. This Medline Folding Walker will support up to 500 lbs to keep taller or larger people moving. I love how it easily folds up with the release of two buttons, so it can easily move through narrow halls or doorways.

I highly recommend it and you can check Amazon's price on the Medline Bariatric Folding Walker.

As you know, all rolling walkers are not designed to support your entire body weight, so make sure you chose a model that has a maximum limit that exceeds your own weight.

Now you can select a rolling walker with confidence.