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Use my rolling walkers reviews to choose the best model for you - or your loved one. The right mobility aids can give you more years of independence & freedom. And since there are hundreds of models to choose from, my independent reviews are the best place to start.

You can see my top rolling walker recommendation: the EZ2Care Deluxe Folding Walker on Amazon.

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Before you start shopping around, please take a moment to read my tips for using & choosing the right model for you: 

Rolling walkers are built like standard walkers but they are also equipped with wheels. Generally speaking, there is a wheel attached to each front leg.  And the back two legs are outfitted with rubber tips, instead of wheels.

Best Rollator Walker Reviews


This Drive Medical Four Wheel Rollator on Amazon is my #1 all-around choice! It's not only strong, easy to fold and economically priced - but it's also stylish!

I love the four 7.5" wheels that are non-maring - and they work very well indoors and  outdoors. The wheels won't make any track marks on your floors.  It also has a tough & strong steel frame and you'll find it very easy to adjust it to your personal height.

This Drive Medical Rollator on Amazon features a really nice padded seat that also has a padded backrest that you can fold up or down. And I want to mention that it's ergonomic handles are very comfortable in your hand.

It also comes in blue or red! You can get this Drive Medical Rollator at Amazon.

My Favorite & Highly Recommended Three Wheel Rollator:

This  Drive Medical Winnie Lite Rollator on Amazon has three wheels & a light weight that makes it perfect for travel, shopping, maneuvering tight spaces - and it's a perfect fit for your car trunk too! It really allows you to walk through tight spaces & it needs less "parking space" inside offices, restaurants, movies, stores, etc.

It has 7.5" casters with soft-grip tires that you can use indoors or outdoors. It quickly adjusts to your proper height and it easily folds up just using one hand. Very cool. The aluminum frame is strong, sturdy & light.

I love that this Drive Medical Winnie Lite Rollator on Amazon comes with a handsome plaid pouch for your personal items - and I want to mention that the pouch has a cover. I like the fact that you can put items in your pouch but the pouch cover ensures your privacy.

You can get this Drive Medical Winnie Rollator at

Best Bariatric Rollator Walker:

The Medline Bariatric Rollator Walker with Seat is my top  recommendation for those of us who are on the heavier side!

This is a very stylish rollator walker - but it also holds up to a max of 400lbs!  Amazing. And the large 8" wheels have reinforced forks & spokes for extra strength & confidence. Yet it still only weighs 19 lbs.

This Medline Bariatric Rollator Walker on Amazon is thoughtfully designed with a wider distance between the handles to provide extra room. And it's got a solid padded seat with a Velcro pocket underneath. Handy!

I highly recommend this attractive & sturdy Medline Bariatric Rollator Walker on Amazon.

I test rolling walkersHere I am taking a rolling walker for a test run!

Rolling walkers were designed to give you support, but,  they allow you to move faster & more freely than with a standard walker. You see, since a standard model does not  have wheels, you have to lift the walker up & move it forward, with each step. After a while, moving it with each step can get very tiring. And it's slow progress. So, a rolling model will help you move more quickly, for longer periods of time - but still give you some support.

Rolling walkers work well on indoor carpet. Especially the models that have ski glides on the two rear legs. These glides really help you smoothly move across carpet!

You'll see that almost all models are designed to fold up at the touch of a button. I love that! You can quickly fold it up when you want to get it out of the way if you're in a restaurant, movie theater, church, etc. - but you can quickly unfold it when you're ready to get up & walk again.

And all of them easily adjust to your individual height.

rolling walkersRollator

I also wanted to mention that rollators are very similar to rolling walkers - but they have wheels at the bottom of each leg. And when you look around, you'll see that there are 3 and 4 wheel rollators.

Rollators will help you move even faster. But they also have brakes! The hand brakes on every rollator allows you to stop or slow down anytime. And they will also quickly adjust to your height. 

The 3 wheel versions are great to use if need to move around in tight spaces. And the fold-up seats that are available on some models are very handy to have for a quick rest. They’re great for indoor use and they will help you go greater distances on your own.  And they come in some great new designs & colors that are very attractive!

If you’re really active, or want to be, a rollator may be a great choice for you. You can always ask your doctor or physical therapist. 

Here's my independent reviews:

My #1 Top Recommendation for a Rolling Walker:

I love to recommend this EZ2Care Deluxe Folding model! It has two 5" wheels in the front and two slip-resistant rubber tips on the back legs - and it moves very  smoothly.

It's super easy to fold/unfold and it's made of anodized aluminum for safety and strength - but's it's still lightweight. And it adjusts to your own height.

I have this EZ2Care Deluxe Folding Model from Amazon and I can tell you that the contoured hand grips are very soft and comfortable! Comfortable grips are important for everyone, but especially  for those of use with arthritis, joint pain/stiffness or nerve damage. Like me.

This EZ2Care Deluxe Folding walker on Amazon is my very best pick for a rolling walker!

Best All-Around Rollator with a Seat:

This Drive Medical Four Wheel Rollator is an all-around winner! It's sharp & stylish, strong, easy to fold/transport, economically priced - and more!

This amazing model has four 7.5" wheels that are non-maring - and they work well indoors and outdoors. Its wheels won't make any track marks on your floors.  It also has a tough & strong steel frame and you'll find it very easy to adjust to your personal height.

It also features a nice padded seat that also has padded backrest that you can fold up or down. And I want to mention that it's ergonomic handles are very comfortable in your hand.

You'll really appreciate that this Drive Medical Rollator on Amazon comes with it's own basket to carry your items - and it's also available in blue or red.

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