How to Choose the Best Quad Cane

If you’re thinking about getting a quad cane, read my independent reviews & buying tips to make sure you choose the best quad cane! It's important to get the right one to prevent a fall or further injury.

And you can see my best ladies quad cane recommendation: the beautiful Drive Medical Designer floral quad cane on Amazon. It's supportive and stylish! With a very comfortable grip too.

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Who Should Use a Quad Cane?

Your doctor or physical therapist might recommend a quad cane, or four prong cane, because it will give you the greatest amount of stability of any cane style. It will easily support more of your weight when compared to a single point or standard cane.

The Duro-Med Adjustable Small Base quad cane on Amazon is a great cane for someone who needs a quality quad cane that also  works well on steps. The smaller, rubber-tipped quad base measures 6" x 8",  which is the size you need if you want to climb steps using your quad cane. I know, no one ever tells you that !

(Generally speaking, the bases on large quad canes are too big to fit on the steps.)

Also, I think it's important to mention that this Duro-Med cane on Amazon easily  reverses positions so you can use it on a right or left hand!

You can check Amazon's price on this Duro-Med small base quad cane.

A quad cane is the most supportable cane style on the market.

If you have a disability, an injury, recent surgery or an medical issue, the best quad cane can be the perfect mobility choice for you!

Best quad cane if you're larger or taller....

If you're on the heavier side, like a lot of us, a bariatric quad cane might be the most helpful choice for you. These bariatric canes are designed to give additional security & stability to those of us who are larger or heavier. They're often made of steel, instead of aluminum, for strength and support.

And you can see my best bariatric quad cane recommendation: the Drive Medical heavy duty quad cane on Amazon. With it's heavy duty construction, it's perfect for seniors up to 500 lbs. It easily adjusts to your height and is styled to look just like many other standard 4 prong canes!

Check Amazon's price on the Drive Medical heavy duty quad cane.

Quad Cane Base Types & Styles

First, quad canes have four feet, or points, that touch the ground to give you more stability while you walk. And they feature offset handles.  There are large base and small base models on the market.

The large base models are the most sturdy but they're slightly heavier.

The small base models are smaller - but are easier to life and somewhat easier to use on steps. Generally speaking, you should be able to walk faster using a small base model.

And you can see my top quad cane recommendation: the Duro-Med Quad Cane for men and women available on Amazon.

It's helpful to think about your lifestyle, your living space and your activity level to decide between a large base or small base model.

One of the things that I love is that a four pronged cane stands up on it's own! Because they can stand up on their own, it's easy to place them anywhere you'd like - and out of the way of other people. You don't need to lean them against a wall, tuck it under your arm or lay it down on the floor when you're not using it. Very handy! Especially in dining rooms, restaurants, movie theaters, etc.

And you can see my best ladies quad cane recommendation: the beautiful Drive Medical Designer floral quad cane on Amazon. It's supportive and stylish! With a very comfortable grip too.

Check Amazon's price on the Drive Medical Floral Cane.

Always choose a four pronged cane with non-skid or non-slip rubber tips. This will improve your safety and give you a longer cane life. Almost all models are easily adjustable to your height. And the vast majority of quad canes are made of lightweight, but strong aluminum. But you'll see some bariatric models that are made of steel. The best quad cane choice is the one that is safe and supportive.

This picture is a close up of the four point base of a quad cane.

I recommend considering a 4 prong cane that has contoured vinyl - or foam - on it's offset handle. The more contoured or softer the handle - the more  you'll enjoy using it. And your hand will not tire as easily. Comfortable grips really do matter in the long run!

MY IMPORTANT BUYING TIP: Don't forget that quad canes are made for either right hand or left hand use! And there are some models that can be adjusted for either hand. As you shop around keep this in mind and only buy one that suited for your correct hand!

I'm really happy to say that four pronged canes are available in many attractive designs & colors. Really, you have a lot of stylish choices. Read my independent reviews, below, to find my most highly recommended - and attractive - models:

How to Use a Quad Cane

You’ll want to learn how to use a quad cane so you’ll be safe and get the most effective support & balance assistance from quad canes.

Using a quad cane feels just a little bit different than using a single point cane, so I wanted to include these tips to help you walk properly with a quad cane and help avoid any dangerous falls.

First, hold your quad cane in your hand, on the opposite side of your injured leg. Make sure that the shorter legs of the cane base are closest to your body before you start to use a quad cane.

Move your quad cane forward, one step, and place ALL four tips of the quad cane on the ground.

Now step forward with your injured leg, using your quad cane and injured leg for your support. Keep your stronger leg stationary as you step forward with your injured leg.

Then, step forward with your stronger leg, so that both of your legs and cane are lined up.

You’ll want to go slowly as you learn how to use a quad cane.

Follow these simple tip on how to use a quad cane and you’ll reduce your risk of falling. As always, you should consult your doctor, surgeon or medical professional before using any quad cane or mobility aid.

You can read more tips about how to prevent falls here.

Best Adjustable Black Quad Cane with Small Base for Men & Women up to 300 lbs.:

This black Hugo Adjustable Small Base model is designed for a maximum weight capacity of up to 300 lbs. It really has a sleek and pleasing design/color - not medical or fussy!

It also  works very well on steps. The smaller rubber-tipped base measures 6" x 8",  which is just the size you need if you climb steps. Larger bases just don't fit on the stair steps.

It also  easily  reverses positions so you can use it on a right or left hand! As you probably know, left vs. right hand positioning makes a huge difference in comfort and safety. 

I really liked the way its unique ergonomic grip handle felt when I was using it.  It's two-tone grip that has a cushioning foam pad built into to that really does absorb shocks as you walk. It feels very comfortable in your hand.  It also has a reflective wrist strap, which is helpful in the dark.  And it weighs about 2.5 lbs. You can check Amazon's price on the Hugo black quad cane.

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Quad Cane Reviews

To help you compare and find the best quad cane for you and your mobility level, I've put together this quad cane reviews section to highlight the features of popular quad cane models.

Let's get started on my quad cane reviews:

Quad Cane Reviews: Hugo Mobility Quadpod Offset Cane in Aquamarine

I wanted to highlight this Hugo Mobility quad cane in this quad cane reviews section because of it's color, very attractive quad base design and great support :

Hugo Mobility Quadpod Offset Cane with Ultra Stable Tip available on Amazon.

My Positive Review Features of the Hugo Mobility Quadpod Offset cane:

  • lightweight aluminum body - which is also strong!
  • only weighs 1.4 lbs
  • very comfortable ergonomically designed cushioned handle
  • attractive aquamarine color
  • supports up to 300lbs
  • very supportive quad base with quad cane tips
I wanted to show, on these quad cane reviews, that the Hugo Mobility Quadpod cane has a four pointed, stable base.
  • reflective wrist strap for nighttime safety

You can check Amazon's price on the Hugo Mobility Quadpod cane.

  • 12 different height adjustment settings
  • I think it's a very stylish quad cane

A few readers asked if their quad canes were covered under Medicare. Medicare classifies canes as durable medical equipment and many costs are covered. You can learn more about about this at the Medicare Coverage page.

Quad Cane Reviews: Lighted Quad Cane

What is a lighted quad cane?

Wondering what is a lighted quad cane, really? Then you’ve come to the right quad cane reviews page. Let’s talk about how a quad cane with lights works, who needs one and if a lighted cane is the best quad cane choice for you.

I highly recommend the My Cane Lighted Quad Cane on Amazon.

A lighted quad cane is designed for any of us who need a very supportive cane – and would benefit from having more light to guide their way.

A quad cane will give more balance help than a standard, single prong cane can, because a quad cane is a four pronged cane. The 4 prongs of a quad cane spread out, on the ground, for a larger footprint that provides more balance to the senior walker.

And I love that quad canes stand up on their own! You don’t have to lean over or reach to get your quad cane in your hand. It’s stands, waiting for you to pick it up again!

Adding LED lights to the best quad cane is a great way to improve your safety in walking. If you think about it, having lights to show you where to walk is great for many reasons:

  • when you’re having an outdoor stroll and it’s cloudy or its getting dark outside
  • when you’re walking into a darkened theater
  • if you have to walk down dimly lit hallways
  • if you have to walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night
  • walking to and from your car or garage
  • walking up and down stair steps

That’s why I wanted to share a good lighted quad cane review on this quad cane reviews page – because a four pronged lighted cane is just handy & helpful to have when you’re walking!

Quad Cane Reviews: What's a Heavy Duty Quad Cane?

Wondering when you need to choose a heavy duty quad cane from all the quad cane reviews you’ve read?  I’ll explain the two main reasons why you may need a heavy duty or bariatric quad cane to help you stay mobile:

Your Body Weight: One of the most common reasons senior will choose a heavy duty quad cane over a standard quad cane is body weight. Although a standard quad cane is designed to offer the largest amount of balance support you can get from a cane, standard quad canes really are only able to support a maximum body weight of 250-300 lbs.

So if you have a few extra pounds, and you weight more than this amount, you definitely want to take a look at a heavy duty quad cane to get the mobility help and safety you need. Many quad cane reviews show you that a bariatric quad cane can support up to 500 lbs.

You can check out my best bariatric quad cane recommendation: the Drive Medical heavy duty quad cane available on Amazon.

Your Height:  Yes, if you’re a taller person, you doctor or physical therapist might recommend a heavy duty quad cane (bariatric quad cane).  A heavy duty quad cane that’s height adjustable will often adjust for those of us who are up to 6ft  5” tall!

So, if you’re larger/bigger or you’re taller than average, a heavy duty quad cane is worth a look when you’re reading the best quad cane reviews.

How a Quad Cane is Different than a Standard Cane

offset quad cane handle

A quad cane really is different than a standard cane in some important ways. Let's review the important differences of a quad cane:

1. A quad cane will give your more stability than a single point standard cane. Quad canes really are the most stable & secure canes on the market.

2. Because a quad cane is more stable, and has 4 prong feet, quad canes are heavier than single point canes.

3. And because quad canes have bases, with four cane tips, they have a bigger footprint on the floor. You may find that some very narrow hallways can be difficult, if not impossible, for using with a quad cane.

And I also want to point out that some stair steps may not be big enough to accommodate the base of larger quad canes. And if you need to go up and down steps, this is a big deal.

My advice is to consider a small based quad cane. You see, a small base quad cane is small enough to fit comfortably on stair steps. You'll easily be able to go up and down stair steps if you have a small based quad cane.

And I do know that some people have both a large base and small base quad cane. They use larger base quad cane for walking around the house or outside. And they use the smaller base quad cane for steps.

Replacement Quad Cane Hand Grips

Once you've used your quad cane for a while, you may notice that your hand grip has gotten hard or has worn out.

It's a relatively common thing to have the foam hand grip on your quad cane become stiffer over time. And if your hand grip becomes too hard, it makes using your quad cane more difficult.

And if you have nerve damage or arthritis in your hands, it's really important to keep your quad cane hand grip soft and comfortable.

You don't need to go out and buy a brand new cane - just get a replacement foam grip! Yes, it's really easy to buy a inexpensive replacement foam grip that will make your quad cane feel comfortable & almost like new!

You can see my best replacement hand grip recommendation: the DMI Replacement Hand Grip on Amazon.

Yes, it only takes a few minutes to put on a new replacement hand grip. But, if your hand grip seems a little bit tight, and its hard to put it onto your quad cane handle, you can just put a drop or two of dish washing detergent on the inside of the handle grip.

The dish washing detergent will help the replacement hand grip slide onto your quad cane.

How Many Tips Does a Quad-Cane Base Have?

If you're wondering "how many tips does a quad-cane base have", let's talk about it before you choose a quad cane. 

It's important for everyone to know more about different cane types, and how their designed for different mobility needs, before you choose the best quad cane for your circumstance.

The answer to how many tips does a quad-cane base have is FOUR!

Here are the differences between a quad cane base versus a tripod base cane.

A quad-cane base has 4 tips in order to give you a larger cane base footprint on the ground. By having 4 quad cane tips on the ground, you'll have more stability while you walk.

A quad-cane base has four tips while a tripod base cane has three tips. And a standard cane only has one tip.

A quad-cane is actually the most supportive of all the cane styles. And a lot of people really love that a quad-cane stands up on it's on.

And if you'd like to read the manufacturers specs on a few popular Drive Medical quad canes, click here.

What's the best quad cane for steps?

Do you live in a two story house or condo? Or do you have to navigate stairs on a daily basis? Then you'll want to think about what's the best quad cane to use on steps. Yes, you need to choose the right quad cane that you can use on steps.

In the typical American home, most stair step treads are 10" deep. The actual depth of the stair tread can be measured from the front edge or lip of the step - all the way to the back where it meets with the riser.

But you should know to most wide base quad canes have a base depth of 12" that will not fit on many stairs. Yes, the 12" base of a wide base 4 prong cane is just too big to fit on most steps. And you just won't be able to use many wide base quad canes on stairs.

So what four prong or quad cane should you use? I recommend using a small base quad cane for steps. Small base quad canes are the best quad cane choice for steps because their bases are small enough to comfortably fit on almost all steps.

In fact, may people have a small base quad cane for steps - and a larger four prong quad cane for walking. This way, they have the best quad cane right there, waiting for them, whether they're climbing steps or walking around.

Folding Quad Cane

Did you know there are folding quad cane models on the market? Yes!

If you like to travel, or don't always need a quad cane, you might want to think about getting a folding quad cane.  A folding quad cane is different from a standard quad cane because the shaft of the folding quad cane is collapsible.

So, when you don't need to use your quad cane, you can just fold up the handle and tuck the cane in your bag, purse, suitcase - or tuck it out of the way. Genius!

Whether you choose a quad cane or a folding quad cane, you have lots of choices: many colors, patterns & designs!

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Adjusting Your Quad Cane Base

Yes, quad cane bases must be adjusted for either right or left hand use! It's extremely important to do this so that you can walk safely with your quad cane.

Here's instructions on how to adjust your quad cane base.

You can easily adjust the left or right handed position of your quad cane base by turning the cam lock (knob) to loosen it. Then you'll want to swivel the base, 180 degrees, into the correct position. You might hear a locking sound. Then re-tighten the cam lock knob to secure your quad cane base.

You can read more information about walking with a quad cane at the UPMC Walking with a Quad Cane Instructions Page.

You can click here to go back to the homepage.

Now you know it's easy to choose the best quad cane.