Medline Walker Tray Review

I wrote this Medline walker tray review to answer any questions you might have. You might be wondering if one is right for you, so I’ll share my detailed review, so you can do your research to choose the best walker tray.

You can check out my own #1 recommended walker tray: the Medline Guardian Walker Flip Tray. It's an attractive walker tray, which will also make you more independent, since you can carry your own drinks, meals, papers or craft items wherever you want to go. 

The Medline Guardian walker tray is strong, lightweight and flips down, out of the way, when you don't need it. I love the raised edge which keeps things from rolling off - and the built-in drink holders. And you can check Amazon's price on the Medline Guardian Walker Flip Tray.

Walker trays are designed to help you carry around everything you need, while still allowing you to keep a good grip.  You’ll be able to safely take things along with you – without making multiple trips.

If you use a walker, you’ll appreciate the fact that a good tray will give you more independence since you won’t have to wait for someone else to bring you your coffee, plate, books or magazines.  Or your craft items. You’ll just take it along with you, from room to room, without needing anyone else’s help.

It has a generous width, so you can put your drink in the cup holder, and your plate on the tray.  And you can eat off the tray, wherever you like to sit, without any problems.

This walker tray has raised edges and cup holder which is very handy.Raised edges and 2 cup holders on the Medline walker tray!

See my top walker tray choice: the Medline Guardain Walker Flip tray on Amazon.

When you look at a good tray, you’ll see it has a raised edge, to keep any of your things, like pens, from rolling off. And the handy built-in cup holders will keep you from spilling drinks. Especially good for hot drinks!

And if you’re like me, and like doing your own laundry, a walker tray is a perfect tool for taking laundry to the washer. And it's a great place to fold laundry too.

And when you don’t need it, a good tray easily folds down, flat, out of your way.

How Do You Put on and Remove a Medline Walker Tray?

It quickly clips on your walker. You don’t have to do any assembly work. It’s ready to go right from the box. Since the tray weighs only 2.5 lbs, it’s lightweight and won’t make your walker too top heavy.

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