Top 3 Lightweight Walkers

Here are my recommendations for the top 3 lightweight walkers to help you choose the right walker for your lifestyle and budget. After comparing weight, strength, fold-ability, price and style, here are my top three lightweight walker recommendations:

Whether you want a lightweight walker for traveling, or around your home or around your neighborhood, choosing one of my recommendations can help you maintain your freedom & lifestyle.

How can I compare the top lightweight walkers?

When you’re shopping for the best lightweight walkers there are some important features you want to look for, so you can accurately compare models. Like comparing apples to apples.

Let’s talk about the features you should look for in lightweight walkers:

·  Fold-ability: you really need to have a lightweight walker that’s easy to fold so you can put in a car trunk or back seat. Or tuck it away when you’re not using it. Most lightweight walkers have a quick release button or lever that allows you to fold it quickly.

lightweight walkers have a release button to fold up quickly.

You can see my top rolling walker recommendation: the EZ2Care Deluxe Folding Walker on Amazon.

·   Overall weight: it’s amazing how lightweight walkers have become! With better materials and designs you can find excellent & supportive walkers that weigh less than 7 lbs! Always check the overall weight of any lightweight walker before you buy.

·   Seat or No Seat: many of the rolling walkers or rollators have seats built-in their design so you can take a rest if you need it

·   Wheels or no wheels: always check with your doctor or physical therapist to find out if you should be using a walker without wheels or a light weight walker with wheels.

This Drive Medical Four Wheel Rollator on Amazon is my #1 all-around rollator walker choice! It's not only strong, easy to fold and economically priced - but it's also stylish!

I love the four 7.5" wheels that are non-marking - and they work very well indoors and  outdoors. It also has a tough & strong steel frame and you'll find it very easy to adjust it to your personal height.

This Drive Medical Rollator on Amazon features a really nice padded seat with a padded backrest that you can fold up or down. And I want to mention that the ergonomic handles are very comfortable in your hand. It also comes in blue or red

You can check Amazon's price on the Drive Medical Rollator. 

·   Weight limits: yes, all lightweight walkers have weight limits, for the amount of body weight it will safely support. Make sure your actual weight falls under the maximum weight limit set by the walker manufacturer.

·    Height limits: And make sure your height is within the minimum and maximum height guidelines listed by the lightweight walker manufacturer. All walkers are height adjustable.

·   Brakes: if you choose a lightweight rollator, double check the braking system! Rollators have brake levers built onto the handlebars. Very similar to the rear hand brakes on a bike. I always tell my readers that I prefer a rear braking system on rollators. I like rear braking systems because I think they provide smoother and safer stopping. Just my opinion.

·   Color: I love that lightweight walkers come in some snazzy colors & prints! You can choose the standard aluminum color or express yourself with a designer color

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Are there lightweight walkers for larger people?

Yes, there are several styles of lightweight walkers available. Each different style of lightweight walker is designed for different levels of leg strength, overall health, activity level and mobility. Here’s a quick run down on the main types of lightweight walkers:

Lightweight standard walker – designed for those of us who need the most amount of support & balance help. It’s ideal for people who can’t support their body weight with their own legs. The standard walker is the most stable and supportive walker on the market. Your walking pace will be much slower with a standard lightweight walker.

My best bariatric walker recommendation is the Medline Bariatric Folding Walker with 5" wheels on Amazon. It's designed with an aluminum frame with a front cross brace and two side braces, for extra strength. This Medline Folding Walker will support up to 500 lbs to keep taller or larger people moving. I love how it easily folds up with the release of two buttons, so it can easily move through narrow halls or doorways.

I highly recommend it and you can check Amazon's price on the Medline Bariatric Folding Walker.

Lightweight rolling walker – You’ll see rolling walker wheels with either 2, 3 or 4 wheels. Rolling walkers are also called rollators are designed for people who can support more, but not all, of their own weight in their legs. With a lightweight rolling walker, you’ll be able to walk faster.

The Medline Bariatric Rollator on Amazon is my personal choice for the best heavy duty rollator on the market! As soon as you get it out of the box, you'll feel the quality construction that will give you the stability & security you're looking for.

I wanted to mention that the Medline Bariatric Rollator is very  easy to assemble! It shouldn't take you more than 10-15 minutes to get it ready for you to use. That's important to mention, because I'm like you if you get quickly frustrated, or tired, if something is difficult to assemble.

As you can see, this is also  a very stylish rollator - but it easily accommodates up to a maximum of 400 lbs! The red color is very handsome and the overall design is sleek - not medical or fussy. And it easily folds up too. And I should mention that it only weighs 19 lbs. You can read other customer reviews of the Medline Bariatric Rollator at

This Medline bariatric rollator has the wider design  you're looking for and a very comfortable 17.5" x 14" padded seat. The nice-sized basket fits right under the seat.

And you can check Amazon's price on this Medline Bariatric Rollator.

How do I use the brakes on a lightweight rolling walker?

Lightweight rollators have brake levers installed on the hand brakes. The brakes on a rollator will allow you to slow down, stop or lock in place, so you can walk safely & with confidence. It’s important to know how to use the brakes on a rolling lightweight walker, so let’s review:

·         To slow down your rollator, gently squeeze the brake lever on the handle bar. Squeeze until you feel tension and you begin to slow down.

·         To stop your lightweight walker, squeeze the brake lever all the way until you stop.

·         To begin walking again, release the brake lever and start walking.

·         To lock your brakes, push in your brake lock button.

Remember, you have to practice using the brakes on your rolling lightweight walker so you’ll feel more secure and confident as you walk.

Are there replacement parts for lightweight walkers?

Yes, you can easily find replacement parts for your lightweight walkers! If you fall in love with your new lightweight walker, and use it often, eventually you’ll need replacement parts.

The most common replacement parts are:

·         Replacement wheels

·         New Hub caps for wheels

·         Replacement Padded seat

Just remember, when you’re shopping for replacement parts, that you’ll need to make sure that your parts are specifically designed to work with the make and model of your lightweight walker. Check the manufacturer’s specifications to make sure any replacement parts will fit correctly on your walker.

And you can learn more about other types of walkers on my walkers for seniors page.

Yes, you have lots of great options when  you go shopping for mobility aids. And if you use my buying tips, you’ll be able to choose among the best lightweight walkers!