Lightweight Walkers for the Elderly

I wrote this lightweight walkers for the elderly review so you can find the best model that’ll give you more independence and mobility. There are many walker models today, which makes it challenging to choose the perfect one.  But my review will make it easier for you.

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Modern walkers are designed to allow seniors to move freely and become more independent. They can help you if you’re having difficulties keeping your balance or you’re experiencing back pains. And they can really help if you’ve been in a surgery, you’re injured or you’re suffering from arthritis.

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Choosing the Right Lightweight Walkers for the Elderly

There are three main styles of lightweight walkers for the elderly. And each style has their own pros and cons, so let’s review:  

Our first type are the standard walkers, which are also called medical walkers. These are the most widely used types of walkers. They have four legs with no wheels. Instead, they have rubber tips on each leg to prevent slipping. The material used for these walkers is often aluminum, making them lightweight, so seniors will have no trouble lifting them. Standard walkers are also durable and will last a long time. Compared to the other types, these walkers offer better support and they can also be adjusted to what’s best for your own height.


I do highly recommend the Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Designer Walker on Amazon as the best because it's lightweight, strong and  comes in stylish colors!

The height is easily adjustable and it has new easy-release push buttons for quickly folding it up! I love the high quality 1" diameter aluminum construction too.

This Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Designer Walker on Amazon is available in gray, pink or blue- it doesn't look medical or fussy. Just attractive & stylish. I think this walker is the best all-around choice. You can get this Drive Medical Designer model at Amazon.

Standard walkers are best when you use them inside your house. They can offer support when you’re moving to another chair - without the assistance of someone else. However, you may also find that they make walking slower, since you need to lift them on every step that you take. Plus, lifting a standard walker can also be tiring. Many of these standard walkers can be folded for easy storage and portability.

Another type of walker are the rolling walkers. They are almost similar to the standard lightweight walkers for the elderly, but instead of having rubber tips on their legs, they have two wheels on the front legs. These walkers are more appropriate for those who have stronger legs to support their own weight. Because of the wheels, you can move quicker, while still getting the support that you need. Unlike the standard type, there’s no need to lift them in every step.

I highly recommend this EZ2Care Deluxe Rolling model on Amazon! It has two 5" wheels in the front and two slip-resistant rubber tips on the back legs - and it moves very  smoothly.

It's super easy to fold/unfold and it's made of anodized aluminum for safety and strength - but it's still lightweight. And it adjusts to your own height.

I have this EZ2Care Deluxe Rolling Model from Amazon and I can tell you that the contoured hand grips are very soft and comfortable! Comfortable grips are important for everyone, but especially  for those of use with arthritis, joint pain/stiffness or nerve damage. Like me.

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You can easily use rolling walkers on carpets. Most of them also have glides on their back legs, making your movement quieter and smoother. Like the standard walkers, you can also adjust them based on your height. And they can also be easily folded by just pushing a button.

Our last type of walkers are the rollators. These walkers have rollers on all their legs and they’re excellent lightweight walkers for the elderly. Some models have three legs/wheels – and some models have four legs/wheels. They allow you to move faster, since you simply need to push it to move forward.  

I highly recommend this Winnie Lite Supreme 3 Wheel walker rollator on Amazon! It has so many great features like a very light 13lb total weight - but it's aluminum frame is strong enough enough to assist someone up to 300lbs!  Its 7.5" casters feature unique soft-grip tires that work perfectly on carpet and floors.

And this  Winnie Lite Supreme on Amazon is really  handsome! It's got an attractive & sleek design - not medical or fussy. And the plaid pouch, for your personal items, is stylish too.

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Rollators also offer safety and stability as they come with brakes for stopping or slowing you’re your movement. Their height can also be adjusted and they can be conveniently folded so you can store them or bring them when traveling.

Rollators are great options for elderly people who have active lives or those who would like to become more active. For small areas, those that come with three wheels could be a better choice as they don’t take up much space. Many rollators also have added features like a back rest and seats that can be fold up, allowing you to sit down. These walkers are ideal for indoors and you can use them to move farther without the help of another person.

Buying Tips for Lightweight Walkers for the Elderly

lightweight walker

One thing you need to remember when shopping for lightweight walkers is to check the hand grips. The hand grips should be comfortable for you. This can make a huge difference as having one with the most comfortable hand grips helps ensure that you’ll enjoy every moment of its use. And that you wouldn’t get easily tired.

As someone with peripheral neuthropy that experiences tingling or numbness in my hands, a walker with cushioned and contoured grip feels comfortable. This type of grip really makes a huge difference in my experience of using a walker. 

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You can now feel more confident in choosing the best lightweight walkers for the elderly!