Ladies Walking Canes Review

Read my best ladies walking canes reviews to find the prefect choice for you. Or your loved one. You can have it all with a fashionable & safe ladies walking cane to give you the freedom you want!

And you can see my best recommendation for a very fashionable folding cane for ladies: the beautiful Duro-Med Adjustable Folding Cane with Derby Top on Amazon. It adjusts to your perfect height and it folds up so it will fit in your purse. I love the lovely wood derby handle too.  And this Duro-Med cane comes in 3 lovely colors/patterns!

You can check Amazon's price on the Duro-Med Adjustable Folding Cane with Derby Top.

Folding Walking Canes for Women

When I recommend the best walking canes for women, the first thing I recommend are folding canes. Yes, ladies walking canes that fold up are so handy, convenient and functional. And, now thanks to new designs and materials, you can have beautiful walking canes for women that are also strong & supportive too.

This icy blue Carex adjustable folding cane, with wrist strap is elegant and practical. And I think its a great color and style for men & women! You can check Amazon's price on this Carex adjustable folding cane.

There’s something so convenient about being able to fold up a cane, when you don’t need it, and just tuck it into your bag or purse. And then when you need it again, a folding walking cane snaps back open in a second.

Look for Adjustable Walking Canes for Women

I highly recommend adjustable folding canes as the best walking canes for women. When you buy an adjustable folding cane, you’ll have the ability to easily shorten or lengthen the cane height until it’s the perfect length for you.

Adjustable walking canes for women usually have one or two small metal buttons along the length of the cane shaft. You can quickly reset the cane height by pressing in the metal button(s) while simultaneously matching up the pre-drilled holes to the position of the button(s).

And you can see my top recommended adjustable folding cane: the stylish Carex folding cane on Amazon. I love this Carex cane because it's strong, elegant, understated and has a beautifully designed walnut derby handle. And it comes with a handy carrying case too. It's fully adjustable and folds up quickly when you don't need it.

You can see Amazon's price on this Carex adjustable folding cane.

Once the metal button(s) locks into the pre-drilled holes, you’re cane height is set. Also, I’ve tried some ladies walking canes that also have small, circular tension screws, or ring, near the bottom that you’ll also tighten after the metal push buttons are engaged in the proper pre- drilled hole.

By far, buying an adjustable cane is much easier – and generally less expensive – than ordering a custom cane that’s permanently sized to your correct cane height.

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Handles on Ladies Walking Canes

Ladies who need light support or balance while they walk should look at standard (straight) styles. Standard canes have a single point tip.

offset ladies walking caneOffset Handle
ladies walking cane with derby handleDerby Handle
round ladies walking caneRound Handle

And you'll see ladies standard canes with the traditional styled round handles, the fashionable derby handles or offset handles.  Here are photos to show you the different handle styles of ladies canes:

And you can see my #1 top pick for the best all-around adjustable cane: the stylish Hugo Derby cane on Amazon. It's streamlined, comes in 5 colors and the grip is incredibly comfortable. You can check Amazon's price on the Hugo Derby adjustable cane.

But, if you need more  than light support because of a disability, injury or surgery, you'll want to look at ladies quad base canes. The four points of a quad cane will give you additional support & stability - and it will support more of your body weight.

This is how a quad cane is designed.Quad Cane

Yes, quad canes give more support & bear more of your body weight but another advantage is that they stand on their own! You won't have to put a quad cane on the floor or lean it again a wall or a chair if you need to free your hand to reach into your pocketbook. Your hands are freed and a quad cane will stand up next to you.

But please don't forget that quad base canes have a set maximum weight capacity, so keep the guidelines in mind when you shop for one.   

And if a full-figured lady, your doctor or physical therapist might have recommended a bariatric cane to keep you moving safely.  

Here I am testing a new cane.Here I am testing a new cane!

Bariatric canes are specially designed to safely & comfortably support more body weight as you walk. So, when you're shopping for a bariatric cane check the maximum weight capacity - and match it with your current weight. And yes, there are some very stylish bariatric canes available for ladies.

Best Ladies Walking Canes to Choose:

My Top Recommendation for a Fashionable Folding Cane: This beautiful Duro-Med Adjustable Folding Cane with Derby Top on Amazon is my top pick for ladies.  It adjusts to your specific height and when you fold it, it's small enough to fit in your purse or bag! It has a lovely wood derby handle that looks sharp. And it's strong too: it supports up to 250lbs!

Best Choice for a Ladies Adjustable Derby Cane: This elegant & understated Hugo Derby Cane comes in 5 colors and has a very soft cushion top that also makes it incredibly comfortable to hold. It adjusts to 12 height settings and has a reflective wrist strap.  This Hugo Derby cane on Amazon is sleek, classy and has a 300 lb weight capacity.

Top Offset Ladies Walking Cane:  This Nova Ortho Med offset cane is my top pick for a stylish offset cane. It easily adjusts to your height and only weighs about a pound. The many designer colors & prints of this Nova Ortho offset cane on Amazon will get compliments!

Best  Bariatric Cane for  Women - 500 lb Capacity: This lovely Nova Offset cane is my favorite bariatric cane because it's very well-built, and can handle up to 500lbs, but still looks attractive. No frills or flowers - just a classic & elegant design of this Nova Offset Bariatric Cane on Amazon.

Cane Height is Important for Ladies Walking Canes

No matter which style cane you use, remember that it's extremely important to measure & adjust it to your proper height!

You'll lean - and perhaps lose your balance - if your cane is too short. If your cane is too long, you might over-reach or over-exert yourself. And that could cause an injury.  

Do you have questions about what is your proper cane height & how to make adjustments? Just read my Correct Cane Height page for easy  & quick instructions!

If you need instruction on walking with a quad cane, read these tips from UPMC - Walking with a Quad Cane Instructions.

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