Best HurryCane Review

A lot of people are talking about the new HurryCane on Amazon, but you'll want to read my review to see if its right for you.  Or your loved one. As you know, having the right walking aid will help prevent injuries & falls - and give your the most freedom possible.

NEW HurryCane Freedom Edition Review

I was excited to get the new HurryCane Freedom Edition on Amazon, so that I could review it - and tell you what it's all about.  

One of the first things I liked about it is that it's Made in the USA! I love that.

When I first picked it up, I could feel, right away, that it was lighter than their older models. That made me worried that it might not be as sturdy or strong. But when I leaned on it, this new model felt just as strong & secure. I found out that although it's 20% lighter, it's 40% stronger than the original model! That means it handles up to a max weight of 350lbs! That's very  strong.

And I have to say that I was truly impressed with their new ergonomic handle. It's has a new handle design that is molded to easily accommodate your hand shape. I found it easier to grip - even with my own neuropathy (numbness in fingers) - than most models on the market.  And I have to tell you that it's ergonomic handle was soft and comfortable. Very nice.

I love that this new HurryCane on Amazon stands on it's own! You won't have to lean it against a wall, chair or table. And it won't fall on the floor. Or trip other people. As you know, having a self-standing cane frees up your hand! If you have to fill your plate at a buffet line, open your wallet or purse, or put on our coat - this one will not  get in the way. This is a great advantage that will give you a lot of freedom.

You'll see that this new HurryCane on Amazon has a wider foot design. With rubber feet grips. And the unique pivoting head really help you keep balanced when you're walking on uneven ground or steep areas. These features really make you feel even more secure when you're walking.

One of the things I also love about it is that it's really discreet: in just a few seconds, you can easily fold it up into 1/3 of it's size! That's great for travel or when you want to stow it away when you're in a restaurant, at the movies, concert, etc.

And it's height is easily adjustable from 30.5" to 37.5".

I highly recommend this new HurryCane for both men & women! It's Made in the USA, has a great design and unique features! An all-around winner to give you mobility and freedom. You can get this new HurryCane at's great price.

Walking Canes for Larger Men & Women - Above 350lbs.

If you, or your loved one, are on the heavy side of the scale, your doctor or physical therapist might have recommended a bariatric cane to aid in walking. You'll see bariatric canes in single point or quad base designs.

Bariatric canes are specially designed to safely & comfortably support more body weight as you walk. So, when you're shopping for a bariatric model check the maximum weight capacity - and match it with your current weight. Check out my Best Bariatric Cane review page to find the most attractive bariatric canes & lowest prices!