How to Pick a Bariatric Cane

When you’re learning how to pick a bariatric cane, it’s important to remember that there are two basic styles: the straight cane versus the quad base model. So, if you need help deciding between a straight or quad bariatric cane, let’s talk about these two bariatric cane styles so you can see which one is best for you.

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A straight cane has a single point that touches the ground. You should consider picking a straight bariatric cane if you’re a larger size and you just need slight help with balance. Or slight support as you walk.

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You’ll see straight canes with either round, derby-style or offset handles. And I always recommend choosing one that you can easily adjust to your proper height using a push-button release along the shaft.

But if you’ve recently had surgery, an injury, or you have a disability, your doctor or physical therapist may have given you advice about how to pick a bariatric cane. And they may have recommended that you get a quad base model.

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A bariatric quad cane has four tips that touch the ground and offset handles. A quad cane will give you much more help with balance and support than a straight can will. It will support more – but not all – of your body weight when you get up, stand or walk.

One advantage of a bariatric quad cane is that it will stand up on its own. It’s nice not having to lay your cane on the floor, or lean it against something, when you sit or lay down. It’ll stand, ready, next to your chair or bed, waiting for you. That’s a handy quad cane feature to keep in mind when you want to know how to pick a bariatric cane.

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Check Weight Capacities When You’re Learning How to Pick a Bariatric Cane

When you’re comparing & picking bariatric canes, keep in mind that you need to consider weight capacities. All models have a maximum weight limit. And make sure your own weight does not come close, or exceed the maximum weight capacity, of a cane.

For instance, if a cane is listed with a max weight capacity of 400 lbs, and your own weight is 375 lbs or more, that’s not a good cane choice for you. Look for a sturdier cane.

One Last Tip on How to Pick a Bariatric Cane

If you’re thinking about picking a quad cane, please keep in mind that there are both large and small base quad cane models. A larger base bariatric quad cane has a bigger footprint, so it will offer more stable support than a smaller base. But I like to let my readers know that, generally speaking, a smaller base fits much better on steps.

If you need to climb steps every day, keep in mind that a smaller base will fit more securely on your step!

bariatric cane

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Now you’re well-versed on how to pick a bariatric cane!