How to Choose an Adjustable Folding Cane

If you’re wondering how to choose an adjustable folding cane, my advice and tips will help you make the right choice. Yes, there are lots of models on the market, but the right folding cane can make all the difference in keeping your mobility and freedom.

And you can see my best adjustable folding cane recommendation: the Carex Adjustable Folding Cane on Amazon.

Do you need some light support or balance when you’re walking? That’s the reason so many people choose an adjustable folding cane – to give them a little confidence and support when they walk. And a folding cane also gives them the ability to quickly fold it up & put it out sight, when they don’t need it. And they make great travel companions too.

And you can see my top recommended adjustable folding cane: the stylish Carex folding cane on Amazon. I love this Carex cane because it's strong, elegant, understated and has a beautifully designed walnut derby handle. And it comes with a handy carrying case too. It's fully adjustable and folds up quickly when you don't need it.

You can see Amazon's price on this Carex adjustable folding cane.

Currently, the most popular & fashionable styles on the market are derby canes. Derby canes can also be called "T handle" canes.  The derby has a classic curved handle design that’s equally perfect for both men & women.

Should You Choose an Adjustable or Non Adjustable Cane?

There are height adjustable or non-adjustable folding canes available. When you’re learning how to choose an adjustable folding cane, remember that adjustable models are the most popular version. It’s just so easy to set your own custom height, using the locking buttons that run along the length of an adjustable cane.

And you can see my #1 recommendation for the best adjustable cane: the stylish Hugo Derby cane on Amazon.

If you buy a non-adjustable cane, you’ll have to have the manufacturer cut it to your correct height, before they ship it to you. Or you’ll have to cut the tip off yourself.

Don’t Forget about Stylish Bariatric Folding Canes for Heavier People

And for those of us who are heavier, there’s been a great improvement in the availability of stylish bariatric folding canes on the market. Finally! The new generation of bariatric canes are stronger, comfortable and have pleasing designs.

This strong & stylish Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Cane on Amazon is a great choice for larger men & women who don't  want to skimp on style.  It easily supports up to 500 lbs and the heavy steel tubing folds into four parts for easy & convenient storage.

This Drive Medical folding bariatric cane has a sleek black design and it's brass color gives it an elegant and streamlined look. And you can check Amazon's price on the Drive Medical Heavy Duty bariatric cane on Amazon.

Last Important Tip on How to Choose an Adjustable Folding Cane

adjustable folding cane

I wanted to share another important thing to keep in mind: don't forget that the type of cane tip you choose is very important. Really, cane tips take a lot of wear and tear, especially if you use them outside.

I recommend that you look for a cane with a reinforced rubber tip for traction and long life. A high quality tip will let you walk easily over carpet, hardwood floors, up steps and outside surfaces.

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