How to Choose a Quad Cane

How to choose a quad cane is easy if you have the right information. So I've written this article to give you some independent reviews and buying tips when you’re deciding which cane is best for you.

And you can see my top quad cane recommendation: the Duro-Med Quad Cane for men and women available on Amazon.

Quad canes are important mobility aids to use if you have a disability, injury, recent surgery, or a medical issue. Doctors or physical therapists recommend quad canes because they’re more stable compared to other cane styles. The secret lies in the support: quad canes can easily support more – but not all -- of your weight compared to the standard single-pointed canes.

The Duro-Med Adjustable Small Base quad cane on Amazon is a great cane for someone who needs a quality quad cane that also  works well on steps. The smaller, rubber-tipped quad base measures 6" x 8",  which is the size you need if you want to climb steps using your quad cane. I know, no one ever tells you that !

(Generally speaking, the bases on large quad canes are too big to fit on the steps.)

Also, I think it's important to mention that this Duro-Med cane on Amazon easily  reverses positions so you can use it on a right or left hand!

You can check Amazon's price on this Duro-Med small base quad cane.

The first thing you should understand on how to choose a quad cane is its design. A quad cane has four feet or points that touch the ground which helps provide better stability whenever you walk. They also feature offset handles that can help distribute your weight evenly on the entire cane.

Choosing a Quad Cane Size

The second thing you should remember on how to choose a quad cane is that they come in two sizes: those with a large bases and styles with small bases. The large base quad cane may be slightly heavier compared to the rest, but it's the sturdiest of all canes. On the other hand, the small base models are much lighter in weight, allowing for easy lifting and safe fitting on steps.

And don’t forget that bariatric quad canes are ideal for those on the heavier side. They’re designed to give added security and stability for those with heavier or larger frames.

And you can see my best bariatric quad cane recommendation: the Drive Medical heavy duty quad cane on Amazon. With it's heavy duty construction, it's perfect for seniors up to 500 lbs. It easily adjusts to your height and is styled to look just like many other standard 4 prong canes!

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So what does this all mean? When you’re deciding which quad cane to buy, make sure to think about your lifestyle, your living space and activity level so you can choose the one that fits your needs better.

One of the great things I love most quad canes is that they can stand up on its own. You can easily place them anywhere you'd like -- and away from other people. You don’t need to place them against the wall, tuck under your arm, or lay on the floor when not in use. This convenience makes them especially handy when you are socializing in dining rooms, movie theatres, restaurants, etc.

Choosing Quad Cane Rubber Tips

I always suggest buying quad canes with non-skid or non-slip rubber tips. Not only will it improve your safety, it will also protect your cane and make it last longer. Almost all quad cane models can be easily adjusted to your height, and the vast majority of them are made of lightweight, but strong, aluminum. (Although there are some bariatric models made of steel.)

And you can see my top quad cane recommendation: the Duro-Med Quad Cane for men and women available on Amazon.

I would also recommend picking one with contoured vinyl (or foam) on its offset handle. In fact, the better contoured and softer the handle, the better you'll enjoy using it. Your hands won't tire as easily. This might not look important to you, but after only spending only a few days using a quad cane, it will make you realize how comfortable grips matter in the long run.

More Buying Tips on How to Choose a Quad Cane

I'm test a quad cane

One last thing to remember on how to choose a quad cane: they can be purchased for either right or left hand use. There are also some available in the market that can be adjusted for either hand. Whatever the case, don’t forget to buy the one for your correct hand.

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Choosing the best cane for you is easy once you have the right information with you. Now that you’ve got the right tips on how to choose a quad cane, it’s time to go out and have fun shopping!