Heavy Duty Rollator Review & Buying Tips 

Find the perfect heavy duty rollator using my independent reviews & buying tips. The right one can help give you more mobility - and more years  of freedom!

And you can see my top heavy duty rollator recommendation: the Medline bariatric rollator on Amazon.

Yes, if you choose the right heavy duty rollator, you'll be able to stay more active, enjoy your life - and you'll have more freedom!

What's a Heavy Duty Rollator?

A heavy duty rollator works the same as other four wheeled rollators, but it's specially designed for the needs of a larger person. Heavy duty models are also called bariatric rollators.

It looks like a standard walker, but it has a wheel at the end of each of it's four legs.  You can walk much faster than if you used a standard walker that had no wheels. They are also outfitted with safety hand brakes that allow you to slow or stop at anytime.

The Medline Bariatric Rollator on Amazon is my personal choice for the best heavy duty rollator on the market! As soon as you get it out of the box, you'll feel the quality construction that will give you the stability & security you're looking for.

I wanted to mention that the Medline Bariatric Rollator is very  easy to assemble! It shouldn't take you more than 10-15 minutes to get it ready for you to use. That's important to mention, because I'm like you if you get quickly frustrated, or tired, if something is difficult to assemble.

As you can see, this is also  a very stylish rollator - but it easily accommodates up to a maximum of 400 lbs! The red color is very handsome and the overall design is sleek - not medical or fussy. And it easily folds up too. And I should mention that it only weighs 19 lbs. You can read other customer reviews of the Medline Bariatric Rollator at Amazon.com

This Medline bariatric rollator has the wider design  you're looking for and a very comfortable 17.5" x 14" padded seat. The nice-sized basket fits right under the seat.

And you can check Amazon's price on this Medline Bariatric Rollator.

Many models are also outfitted with seats & back rests for occasional rests. And if you need to rest, the hand brakes can be locked, to keep our rollator from moving.

 And some models have baskets. The basket is a very handy place to store your purse, a bag or any items you want to take with you!

The overall dimensions of a bariatric model are larger to support more body weight. A good model will have special reinforcements built into it. And there should be a wider distance between the brake handles to give you extra room. And bariatric rollators have wider seat for more comfort.

MY TIP: As you shop around, always double check  the maximum weight guidelines of any heavy duty rollator you're considering and match it up with your own weight! This will give you a safer & more comfortable walking experience. And the right model will greatly reduce your risk of falling.

ANOTHER TIP: It's very helpful to choose a folding  bariatric rollator. The models that fold up are easy to put into car trunks, store, or just tuck out of the way if you're at a restaurant, movies, etc. I highly recommend choosing a folding model!

Most of the heavy duty rollators on the market are made with aluminum frames that are both lightweight and strong. And it's exciting to see that many models now come in snazzy & cool colors!

Walking with a Heavy Duty Rollator

If you’re a taller or bigger person and you’re shopping around for the best heavy duty rollator, don’t forget that it’s very important to know how to walk safely with a heavy duty rollator! So, I wanted to share a few tips to help you get started:

First, position yourself, standing, behind your heavy duty rollator. Put your hands on the handlebars and engage the brakes.

When you’re ready to walk with your heavy duty rollator, disengage your brakes and slowly & gently push the rollator ahead of you as you take a step.

Heavy duty rollators can keep you active.

As you’re walking, keep your rollator close to your body without hitting your knees or legs. Don’t overreach and let your rolling walker get too far ahead of you. You’ll want to keep your heavy duty rollator close to your body to get the full benefit of the support it offers.

When you need to stop, or step away from your heavy duty rollator, use your handle bar brakes to safely stabilize your walker.

And, if you need to take a break going up and down an incline or hill, use your brakes! Your hand brakes will keep you steady with your heavy duty rollator, while you take a moments rest.

Heavy Duty Rollator Mobility Mistakes

I wanted to share some common mobility mistakes seniors make when they first start using a heavy duty rollator, so you can avoid repeating them.

#1 Forgetting to use the brakes during sitting or standing up movements. Use the brakes to give you stability & safety!

#2 Pushing the heavy duty rollator too far in front of you. Never let the walker get too far ahead of you! You need the support that the rolling walker gives you – and letting it get too far ahead of you will make you become unbalanced. And you could fall.

bariatric rollator

And here's a handy article from the National Institute of Aging on How to Prevent Falls.

Take your time and I'm sure you'll choose the best heavy duty rollator for you!

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