Best Foot Surgery Scooter

If you’re looking for a foot surgery scooter to keep you mobile & help you recover, this page is for you. I review the best foot surgery scooter models so you can choose wisely.

And you can see my #1 knee scooter recommendation: the Steerable Knee Scooter by KneeRover on Amazon.

When you have foot surgery, you doctor will probably tell you that you need to be non-weightbearing, or NWB, for at least several weeks. But if you use a foot surgery scooter, you’ll still be able to get around the house, around your neighborhood or go to work – without having to deal with clunky& uncomfortable crutches.

When I compare quality, portability, features and price, I highly recommend the Steerable Knee Scooter by KneeRover on Amazon.  It has 4 non-marking 10" pneumatic wheels for excellent stability on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Check Amazon's price on the Steerable Knee Scooter.

The Steerable Knee Scooter fits either right or left legs, has a deep 3.5" contoured knee resting platform that's height adjustable, 300 lb weight capacity and it has a stylish green color!   And the KneeRover has an adjustable locking handbrake for safe control.

Because it only weighs 22lbs, and folds up, it's extremely portable and you can take it anywhere you need.  And I love that it has a tool-free assembly and set-up! And you can check Amazon's price on the Steerable Knee Scooter by Knee Rover.

What are my foot surgery scooter options?

To help your foot heal, as well as keeping mobile & active, there are two foot surgery scooter options you should consider: a knee scooter or a seated scooter.

A knee scooter is often called a knee walker and it’s a very popular foot surgery scooter type. A knee scooter is designed with wheels and a horizontal knee pad for resting your injured leg. While you hold onto the handle bars of this foot surgery scooter, you push yourself forward using your uninjured leg.

I highly recommend the All Terrain Knee Scooter by KneeRover on Amazon for several important reasons: it features 12" pneumatic tires, adjustable locking rear brakes with fully adjustable knee platform and height adjustable handle bars. It's specially designed to safely scoot around your home or over grass, gravel, gaps in sidewalks & other outdoor surfaces.

The All Terrain Knee Scooter by KneeRover also has a generous 400lb weight capacity and is styled in a snazzy blue color. And I love the built-in basket!

You can check Amazon's price on the All Terrain Knee Scooter.

Knee scooters have brakes on their handle bars to allow you to slow down, stop – or lock it so you can get on or off your foot surgery scooter safely.

A seated scooter is a foot surgery scooter that is designed so that you can sit down while you roll forward. A seated foot surgery scooter is much lighter than a wheelchair and easier to maneuver.

I highly recommend the Evolution Seated Scooter by KneeRover if you're recovering from an injury or surgery to your hip, knee, foot or ankle. It's a great alternative to crutches that allows you to sit and rest while you go where you need to go!

You'll have stability and control with the adjustable locking handbrake and rear disc brake of the Evolution Seated Scooter. And you'll be comfortable on the large gel padded seat, using the front leg platform and the 7.5" non-marking rubber wheels. And I love the snazzy blue color and handy build-in basket.

Check Amazon's price on the Evolution Seated Scooter by KneeRover.

View or download the manual for the Evolution Seated Scooter.

A seated foot surgery scooter still allow you to use your uninjured foot/leg to propel yourself forward.

And I always encourage my readers to talk to their doctor, surgeon or physical therapist about which type of non- weightbearing foot surgery scooter is right for them.

Foot Surgery Scooters for Larger or Taller People

If you’re like many of us, you may be carrying a few extra pounds. Or, you may be a tall person. Either way, it’s important for you to know that there are some great foot surgery scooter choices for you!

I highly recommend the All Terrain Heavy Duty Knee Scooter on Amazon.

Why? It's an excellent alternative to clunky & uncomfortable crutches - and it's also thoughtfully designed for those of us who have a few extra pounds. 

The All Terrain Heavy Duty Knee Scooter supports up to 400lbs, has quality 12" tires that are great for uneven surfaces and has a cushy 3" thick knee pad. And I love that this All Terrain Heavy Duty Knee Scooter has a double bar construction, for discrete strength, but it still weighs only 27 lbs! And it's fully adjustable too.

Check Amazon's price on the All Terrain Heavy Duty Knee Scooter.

Never buy a foot surgery scooter unless your actually body weight is below the maximum weight recommended by the manufacturer. And now, will all the stylish foot surgery scooter options for heavier or taller people, you can choose wisely.  

Foot Surgery Scooter Features to Look for:

  • Left or Right Foot Adjustable – make sure any foot surgery scooter is adjustable for use with either your left or right foot.
  • Foldable foot surgery scooter: yes, make sure the upright handle bar is foldable so you can easily tuck it in your car trunk or backseat.

You'll want to take a second look at the brand new Hot Pink Knee Scooter by KneeRover on Amazon.

  • Adjustable seat & handle height: make sure the foot surgery scooter has an adjustable seat and handle bars so it can be correctly fitted to your own height
  • Maximum weight capacity: make sure your own weight does not exceed the maximum weight of any foot surgery scooter you’re considering.
  • Basket on Foot Surgery Scooters: I always tell my readers to get a basket on the front of their knee scooter or seated scooter. Since your hands will be on the handle bars/brakes, a basket is a must for carrying around personal items

Why is a foot surgery scooter good for healing?

Yes, you actually can have fun scooting around with the best foot surgery scooter!

A foot surgery scooter can help you in healing because it will eliminate your need to put weight on your injured foot. As you doctor probably told you, putting weight on your foot can actually damage any repair your surgeon made.

And you can read more tips on how to be non weight bearing at

Adding weight onto a broken foot or surgically repaired foot can interrupt or reverse the internal healing process. Being non-weightbearing is the best way to heal your foot.

That’s why using a foot surgery scooter is a great mobility aid to help your foot heal!

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Thanks for reading my reviews of the best foot surgery scooter.