Best Fold Up Walking Canes

Fold up walking canes are the best choice for someone who’s active, or likes to travel, because they’re so convenient and portable! They quickly fold up into a handy, compact size. And you can tuck one in your purse, bag, large pocket, glove compartment, trunk or suitcase.

And you can see my best adjustable folding cane recommendation: the Carex Adjustable Folding Cane on Amazon.

And now that manufacturers are finally starting to pay attention to our desire for both stylish and safe canes, you’ll see fold up walking canes in new materials, colors and patterns. There’s just no need to carry an ugly, medical cane anymore!

And you can see my top recommended adjustable folding cane: the stylish Carex folding cane on Amazon. I love this Carex cane because it's strong, elegant, understated and has a beautifully designed walnut derby handle. And it comes with a handy carrying case too. It's fully adjustable and folds up quickly when you don't need it.

You can see Amazon's price on this Carex adjustable folding cane.

If you don’t want to drag a full-sized cane with you, everywhere, or you only need to use a cane occasionally, a fold up cane is your best bet. You can collapse it and store it out of the way - but it’ll be ready for you to use, when you need it.

And if you like to travel or sightsee, you’ll know what I mean when I say that the support of a walking cane is incredibly important to have when you get tired, near the end of the tour day.

You’ll see canes made with exciting new-generation materials like aluminum, carbon fiber or wood.

Buying Tips for Fold Up Walking Canes

pretty fold up walking cane

When you’re looking around for a new fold up walking cane, remember to pay attention to the maximum weight limit of each model. Really important!

Generally speaking, most standard walking canes support up to 250 lbs. If your own weight it close to this, or more than 250 lbs, you should choose a bariatric fold up walking cane. A bariatric cane also comes in great styles & colors – but it’s specially designed to safely support more body weight for a larger or taller person.

This strong & stylish Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Cane on Amazon is a great choice for larger men & women who don't  want to skimp on style.  It easily supports up to 500 lbs and the heavy steel tubing folds into four parts for easy & convenient storage.

This Drive Medical folding bariatric cane has a sleek black design and it's brass color gives it an elegant and streamlined look. And you can check Amazon's price on the Drive Medical Heavy Duty bariatric cane on Amazon.

And don’t forget to compare the two most popular handle styles on fold up canes: round or derby. Traditional round handles are nice, but personally, I don’t think they are the most comfortable handles. I prefer the derby handle style because they’re curved and their design fits nicely into your hand. More comfortable to use.

And you can see my best adjustable folding cane recommendation: the Carex Adjustable Folding Cane on Amazon.

And I always tell my readers to make sure any mobility aid they choose is easily height adjustable. It’s important to be able to adjust a new cane to your correct height. A too tall or too short cane is just dangerous. I think cutting down a cane is an unnecessary hassle. I recommend that you look for a model that has a series of buttons and holes that allow you to quickly adjust the height.

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Now you have all the tips you need to choose the best fold up walking canes.