Reviews of Fashionable Canes

Read my independent reviews, here, to find the best fashionable canes for you or your loved one! With the new materials and better designs, you now have many, many more choices of stylish and fashionable canes for both men  & women. 

And you can see my best recommendation for a very fashionable folding cane for ladies: the beautiful Duro-Med Adjustable Folding Cane with Derby Top on Amazon. It adjusts to your perfect height and it folds up so it will fit in your purse. I love the lovely wood derby handle too.  And this Duro-Med cane comes in 3 lovely colors/patterns!

You can check Amazon's price on the Duro-Med Adjustable Folding Cane with Derby Top.

Get the Right  Fashionable Cane

If you want to look good, and only need help with balancing or need light support, you should consider a straight (standard) cane style. A straight cane has a single tip.

You can find straight canes with round, derby or offset style handles. Personally, I agree  with many people who feel that the derby handles make the most fashionable & attractive straight canes.

fashionable cane

You can find derby canes in lightweight aluminum, beautiful wood, acrylic, brass - and many more attractive materials.

And you can see my #1 top pick for the best all-around adjustable cane: the stylish Hugo Derby cane on Amazon. It's streamlined, comes in 5 colors and the grip is incredibly comfortable. You can check Amazon's price on the Hugo Derby adjustable cane.

Are Quad Canes Stylish Canes?

If you wanted to choose of the stylish canes you've seen on cane reviews, but your doctor or PT told you that you need a quad cane, don't despair! There are now many quad canes that qualify as very stylish canes! You don't have to settle, when it comes to choosing fashionable canes, if you need the extra support of a quad cane.

I'm happy to report that you have a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from in the new generation of fashionable quad canes.

Personally, I love the quad canes that feature flowers or a floral pattern. I think floral patterns make very stylish canes - and they're uniquely feminine too!

And you can see my best ladies quad cane recommendation: the beautiful Drive Medical Designer floral quad cane on Amazon. It's supportive and stylish! With a very comfortable grip too.

Check Amazon's price on the Drive Medical Floral Cane.

And let's not forget that there are some very fashionable canes, with quad bases, that are perfectly stylish for men too!

While I wouldn't recommend a floral cane as a stylish cane for men, I definitely think that a fresh, bright color is a very attractive choice. Men don't have to settle for just a metal or black cane! No, they can get a quad cane in a modern color that makes quad canes stylish canes indeed!

Hugo Mobility Quadpod Offset Cane with Ultra Stable Tip available on Amazon.

It's just nice to see that cane manufacturers are now making fashionable canes with quad bases - for both men and women!

Fashionable Canes for Surgeries, Injuries or Disabilities

If you have a disability, or recent surgery or injury, you'll need a cane to support more of your body weight while you're walking & standing. Your best choice is a fashionable three point or quad base cane.

I'm testing a caneHere I am testing a new cane!

Yes, these three point or quad point canes weigh a little bit more than standard or derby canes but you can feel their sturdy support when you have one in your hand. They stand on their own and you can bear more of your body weight on them.

These quad base canes have weight capacity guidelines for each model that you really need to be aware of. Make sure your match your weight within the weight limits of any three  point or quad cane you're considering! Very important.

Just because you need a quad cane doesn't mean you have to skimp on fashion & style! See my Best Stylish Quad Cane page see some great choices

Fashionable Walking Canes for Larger Men & Women

If you, or your loved one, are on the heavy side of the scale, your doctor or physical therapist might have recommended a bariatric cane to aid in walking. You'll see heavy duty fashionable canes in single point or quad base designs.

Bariatric canes are specially designed to safely & comfortably support more body weight as you walk. So, when you're shopping for a bariatric cane check the maximum weight capacity - and match it with your current weight.

But you don't have to skimp on style when you need a bariatric cane! Check out my Best Bariatric Cane review page to find the most attractive bariatric canes & lowest prices!

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My Quick Cane Reviews in Addition to this Hurry Cane Review:

To save you time, I've listed my best cane reviews in these popular categories:

Most Stylish Cane for Men & Women:

The Hugo Derby adjustable cane on Amazon is my top pick for a stylish and streamlined cane that's perfect for both men & women! It comes in five colors and the cushioned grip is incredibly comfortable. 

Prettiest Offset Cane for Ladies:

This feminine & attractive Nova Ortho offset adjustable cane on Amazon comes in 13 designer patterns! Flowers, plaids, paisley and more! It's a high-quality offset cane that will also get many compliments. And the padded grip is ultra soft & comfortable.

Best Quad Cane for Men & Women:

This Duro Med adjustable small base quad is my top pick for anyone who needs a sturdy, quality cane that also  works well on steps. The smaller 6" x 8" rubber tipped base gives a lot of security and also fits on steps. This Duro Med quad cane on Amazon is an all-around winner.

Best Bariatric Cane for Men & Women up to 500lbs:

If you're looking for an adjustable cane that's designed for a larger sized man or woman, that's also  attractive, I highly recommend this great Nova Bariatric offset cane on Amazon! The sleek, elegant black color & design keeps it from looking medical or institutional. And it's very well built to accommodate up to 500lbs.  A classic!

Cane Height is Key for Walking Safely!

No matter which style cane you use, remember that it's extremely important to measure & adjust it to your proper height!

You'll lean - and perhaps lose your balance - if your cane is too short. If your cane is too long, you might over-reach or over-exert yourself. And that could cause an injury.  

Do you have questions about what is your proper cane height & how to make adjustments? Just read my Correct Cane Height page for easy  & quick instructions!

And click here to read an article from the Arthritis Society about choosing a cane.

Fashionable Quad Canes

If you’re shopping for a new quad cane, it’s good to know that now is a great time to find fashionable quad canes in all colors, pattern and designs.

Just a few years ago, it was almost impossible to find fashionable quad canes! The fact is, in the past, all almost all quad canes were either plain metal canes or black canes, without much thought into designing a stylish quad cane. But now it can be fun to use a beautiful quad cane while you enjoy the stable support that a quad cane base can offer while you’re active.

Here’s a fashionable quad cane that I really like because the quad base has a modern cane design – along with the beautiful pattern on the 4 prong cane shaft:

NEW - Nova Sugarcane Quad Cane in Maui flowers pattern! Offset cushioned handle, supportive quad base with beautiful colors. Check Amazon's Price here

And don’t forget, after you’ve chosen the right fashionable quad canes for you, you can always replace the quad base tips when they wear out. Yes! If you wear out the base of your four prong cane, you can buy inexpensive yet fashionable quad cane tips as replacements, for either a small base quad cane or a large base quad cane.  A new quad cane base will give your fashionable quad cane a whole new life!

Stylish Canes for Travel

If you asked me what are the most stylish canes for travel, I would definitely tell you that folding canes are just the most stylish canes for travel!

Wherever you travel, it’s important to be able to have a stylish cane that you use when you get tired or are walking on unfamiliar ground. But, if you’re a traveler, you’ll also appreciate being able to fold your stylish cane – to tuck it away when you don’t need it. Or if you’re stuck in tight or close spaces, like a plane, a bus, a train, a restaurant, etc.  That’s why a folding cane is a stylish choice for travel.

And you can see my top recommended adjustable folding cane: the stylish Carex folding cane on Amazon. I love this Carex cane because it's strong, elegant, understated and has a beautifully designed walnut derby handle. And it comes with a handy carrying case too. It's fully adjustable and folds up quickly when you don't need it.

You can see Amazon's price on this Carex adjustable folding cane.

And click here if you want to read the care instructions on Carex fashionable canes.

Just remember, when you’re looking for folding stylish canes for travel, it’s always a great idea to get an adjustable walking cane. There are some non-adjustable canes on the market, but the adjustable canes can easily be set to your correct personal cane height.

Whether you need straight canes or quad canes, or any other types of canes, you can find many stylish and fashionable walking cane models that quickly fold up.

Stylish Canes for Men

There are many fashionable canes for men - and here's a picture of Brad Pitt using a stylish cane.

Yes, there are lots of new stylish canes for men on the market. And you know that it’s possible to look great with a cane when you see handsome Brad Pitt posing with fashionable canes!

best adjustable folding cane

And you can see my #1 recommendation for the best adjustable cane: the stylish Hugo Derby Cane on Amazon.

I think men look stylish when they chose a simple, elegant cane with a beautiful wood shaft and derby handle. That’s just my opinion on the best stylish cane look for men.

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