Drive Medical Rollator

If you’re trying to decide which Drive Medical rollator is the right one for your lifestyle and budget, you’ve landed at the right place! I share my independent Drive Medical rollator reviews to help you make the right choice.

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Drive Medical Rollator Review

I wanted to offer up this independent review of the Drive Medical rollator R728RD if you, or someone you love, is experiencing walking or balance issues.

Many of us experience some type of walking difficulties or balance issues in our life do to aging, surgery, injury, or a medical condition like arthritis or multiple sclerosis MS. But that doesn't mean we have to give up on walking & leading a fulfilling life!

People struggling with walking related issues find the Drive Medical rollator R728RD extremely useful as it will help them move along and carrying on with their daily activities. There are many types of rolling walkers available in the market today but this Drive Medical Rollator certainly made its way up to being one of the most popular models today.

This Drive Medical Rollator offers a rare combination of style and convenience. It offers a padded backrest and rolls on 7.5-inch non-marring casters to guarantee easy mobility with the user for both outdoor and indoor uses. It also features deluxe loop locks brakes for extra security.

The comfortable backrest is removable and folding it down isn’t a challenge. The comfort that the Drive Medical rollator backrest offers eliminates undue stress on all the joints in the body. Furthermore, this Drive Medical rollator walker comes with adjustable ergonomic handles which the user can adjust according to his or her body.

And if you need to stop and rest – or sit down at a restaurant or movie theater, this Drive Medical four wheel rollator walker has your padded seat waiting.

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And I wanted to point out that the seat height on this Drive Medical rollator is a great height to use when you go to a restaurant, mall, etc. The height of the padded seat is just right to use with most standard tables - so you can roll right up to the table & sit down. Handy!

And if you like to review product videos, to learn more, here's a video that shows you the special features of the Drive Medical four wheel rollator:

Video - Drive Medical Rollator

I hope this manufacturer's video answered some of your questions, or you can continue with my in-depth review:

This picture shows some of the important features of the Drive Medical Rollator R728RD, that you should take note of.

And you can see my highly recommended rollator: the Drive Medical Rollator on Amazon.

Drive Medical Four Wheel Rollator R728RD vs
the Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator

With the help of Drive Medical Rollator, having an active life is possible even when you are struggling with walking problems. With this Drive Medical four wheel rollator, your access is not going to be limited indoors as its larger wheels make it easy for you to walk -  even on the rough outdoor ground.

When you have to go out for grocery shopping, or you need to carry some personal items, the detachable basket on this Drive Medical four wheel rollator R728RD, located underneath the seat, comes in handy. You can also adjust the height through the easy-to-adjust handle bar levers. The Drive Medical rollator is durable, foldable, and lightweight. It is also able to accommodate seniors weighing up to 300 pounds.

Drive Medical four wheel rollator walker is made with strong, durable steel frame which guarantees long use – this means you can get the long rollator life you are paying for.

But with the features mentioned above, how is it different from Drive Medical Aluminum Rollator?  To help you choose which Drive Medical rollator walker suits your mobility needs, this chart will point out their similarities and difference:

This chart shows you the differences between the Drive Medical rollator vs the Drive Medical aluminum rollator.

And if you'd like more general tips about choosing a rollator, you can go to my walkers for seniors page.

Important Manuals and Parts for the Drive Medical Rollator:

If you'd like even more information about this Drive Medical rollator walker, you can always download or view these manuals and specification sheets:

Owners Manual - Drive Medical Rollator Walker

Specifications from Catalog - Drive Medical Walker R728RD

Or you can always visit the Drive Medical website.

Portability and Weight of the Drive Medical Rollator R728RD

With a weight of only 18.6 lbs and an approximate size of 24.6" L x 30.7" H x 7.25" W, when folded, putting it away should not be a problem. It easily fits in a car trunk. So, it means that even though you need to drive to the shopping mall, to the park, to the beach, or even overseas, carrying & transporting the Drive Medical rollator anywhere you want should not be an issue for most people.

What brakes are on this Drive Medical rollator walker?

Drive Medical rollators handles are adjustable by both height and angle, and the grips are ergonomic, so using the handles are more comfortable than some other models.

The hand brakes on this rollator walker have a loop lock feature to help ensure safety when stopping or parking. Quickly pressing down the loop braking mechanism, with your hand, triggers the locking system of the wheel, which means you don’t have to bend over in order to activate and deactivate it.

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You can change the height of the hand brakes by twisting the lever and lock it in place. When you need to walk, simply pull the loop locks towards you in order to make disengage the brakes.

Does this Drive Medical rollator fold up?

Yes! Drive Medical rollator walker R728RD is very easy to fold. First, remove the basket located underneath the seat, and then fold the backrest up, to make it more compact. Remember that the Drive Medical Rollator has a loop lock to ensure its stability, while you’re parked, so in order to unlock it, simply push it for easy brake release.

Managing the handle height couldn’t get easier either. With a simple twist of the lever, you can either lock or unlock it into place in order to get the right height ideal for the user.

Best Features of the Drive Medical Rollator:

Drive Medical rollator is a mobility device for anyone who has walking difficulties. My favorite parts of Drive Medical four wheel rollator are the comfortable padded seat and the easy-to-remove back support that boosts its functionality. The Drive Medical rollator has a cushioned backrest and seat is comfortable for seniors who constantly find themselves needing to take a seat and rest while on the move.

You don’t have to worry about damaging your floor with its non-marring 7.5-inch wheels, while the adjustable handle height and functional brakes improves its functionality more.

Another good thing about this Drive Medical rollator R728RD is its affordable price. For the price, the Drive Medical rollator walker has a lot of features & benefits which provide a good overall value. It has larger non-marring wheels for easy control on any kind of surface, which is perfect for those who love going outdoors.

The only thing that I didn’t like about the Drive Medical rollator R728RD is the fact that the storage basket is made of wire – unlike other rollators from the same company which have entirely enclosed storage pouches. Since the storage basket is basically made from steel wire, people can see all the things that you place in it, furthermore, you cannot put small things in it as you may drop them somewhere without being aware of it.

All in all, with the price tag that comes with it, and the functions and features it offers, this Drive Medical rollator is going to be a reliable purchase for anyone who is having problems with walking - and need more support than a walker can offer. As always, you should check with your doctor, surgeon or medical professional before buying or using any type of mobility aid like a rollator, walker, etc.

I hope my review of the Drive Medical rollator R728RD has been helpful to you or your family.

Who should choose a rollator?

If you're wondering who should choose a rollator over a walker, or a cane, this is the right article for you.

Let's talk who should choose a rollator - and who shouldn't.

First, I always tell my readers to ask their doctor or medical professional to see if a rollator is the correct mobility aid choice for them. Your doctor is the best person to tell you if you should choose a rollator, cane or walker to help you walk.

But generally speaking, if a senior is having a problem with only one leg or foot, and only needs the help of one hand/arm for balance/weight bearing, a doctor or physical therapist may only prescribe a cane. Only your doctor can tell you if the support that a rollator offers is more than you actually need.

And you can see my top heavy duty rollator recommendation: the Medline bariatric rollator on Amazon.

But if a senior citizen is having more problems with balance -- and needs more support than a cane can offer --  a doctor may prescribe a walker or Drive Medical rollator instead.

A walker or rollator will provide more support, balance & weight bearing than a cane will. Since a doctor is fully trained on all the clinical recommendations for geriatric devices, only a  doctor is qualified to advise who should choose a rollator over a walker or cane.

Drive Duet Transport Chair Rollator

The Drive Medical Duet Transport Chair rollator is one of the first mobility products to combine a wheelchair and a rollator walker to produce a flexible, user-friendly mobility aid. The Drive Duet rollator only weighs about 20 pounds, so moving it around anywhere is extremely easy.

The Drive Duet Transport Chair Rollator on Amazon is a combination of a rollator walker and a wheelchair - that's lighter & more stylish. It has a flip down footrest, arm rests and a comfy/padded seat & backrest. All in an elegant burgundy color.

Check Amazon's price on the Drive Duet Transport Rollator.

Important Manuals and Parts for the Drive Duet Rollator:

You can always do more research about the Drive Duet Rollator & Transport chair by viewing or download the following manuals & parts sheets:

Owners Manual - Drive Duet Rollator

Parts Manual - Drive Duet Transport Rollator

Parts for Assembly of the Drive Duet Rollator

How to Assemble the Duet

Instruction Sheet for Casters for the Drive Duet Rollator

Or you can visit the Drive Medical website to read more.

And if you'd like more information about the Drive Duet rollator, I wanted to include this short, but informative, review video to hopefully answer any remaining questions you might have.

Video: Drive Duet Rollator and Transport Chair Review

I hope you enjoyed the the video, above, and it was able to tell you more about this Drive Medical rollator.

There are many features of the Drive Medical Duet Transport Chair Rollator that you should keep in mind before your buy. So, I've included this in-depth review so you can make a wise buying decision:

The Drive duet rollator can be used as a rollator and a lightweight wheelchair too.

Check Amazon's price on the Drive Medical Duet Rollator.

The Drive Duet rollator features a contoured backrest which has two modifiable positions that could be attached to the back or front of the chair, offering all-out user comfort.

My aunt is living with me for a while now as her multiple sclerosis has developed to the point that she did not go outside the house without someone assisting her. With her MS condition, she really needed to use a walker or a wheelchair - every day was a struggle!

There were days she was able to walk at least a few feet, but then she needed to be pushed around. And we didn't want a heavy, motorized wheelchair.

Thankfully, we discovered Drive Duet rollator. Since she started this Drive Medical rollator, I worried about her less – not at all, actually – that she wouldn’t be able to do what she wants when I’m not around. 

You can check Amazon's price on the Drive Medical Duet Rollator

She even shops for groceries by herself again with the Drive Duet rollator. She can walk around aisles, stop and rest until she is recharged enough to walk again.

If she is getting pushed, the Drive Duet rollator also has a comfy footrest which folds down when using as a wheelchair and folds up when using it as a walker.

The Drive Duet rollator also has a seat lock on to prevent it from accidentally folding up while using it or while getting unloaded from the car. The padded seat even lifts up, which offers an easy access to the big carrying pouch, so you know that every space is not wasted. This Drive Medical rollator has 8-inch big wheels (or casters) that offer a smooth ride over any surface either you’re using the walker or you’re being pushed.

Video: How the Drive Medical Duet Goes from a Rollator to a Transport Chair -

It is amazing to see how easily this Drive medical rollator can be changed from a rollator to a transport chair.

My aunt had been able to keep more of her independence with the handiness of Drive Medical Duet that transforms into a wheelchair. She’s even been able to travel. She flies with airlines that offer help to push her to the right gate, where she is able to walk around until the plane departs.

We also love that this Drive Medical rollator has a big pouch under the seat to easily and securely carry personal items even if she outside by herself.

Like I mentioned, she doesn’t have to be pushed around anymore, and people around her get amazed with what Drive Duet rollator can do.

This Drive Medical rollator definitely brought my aunt’s old exciting life back. And if you want to learn more about different styles of rollators on the market, you can read my walkers for seniors page.

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Drive Medical Rollator Review

Who should choose a rollator?

Drive Duet Rollator vs the Drive Medical Rollator

And you can see my highly recommended rollator: the Drive Medical Rollator on Amazon.

The Drive Duet Rollator and the Drive Medical Four Wheel Walker Rollator with Fold up Removable Back Support might look very similar at first. But these two Drive Medical rollators have important differences that will help you decide which one you should get. Below is a handy chart that compares the two:

Clearly, even though both Drive Medical rollators have a similar weight limit of 300 lbs., the Drive Duet Rollator has a larger frame than Four Wheel Walker Rollator. And the Drive Medical Duet also has non see-through carry pouch for added privacy and security of personal items – compared to the simple wire basket on the Drive Medical Four Wheel Walker Rollator.

Important features of the Drive Duet Rollator:

The Drive Duet Rollator combines the features of a rolling walker and transport chair! Here are some of the best features of the Drive Duet Rollator that I wanted to include in this review:

·       features of both a transport chair and walker in one

·       There’s a lock for flip-down footrest and flip-up armrests for easier use & storage

·       Comfortable padded, contoured padded backrest and seat

·       Large frame that can accommodate larger body sizes

·       Offers a handle for easy folding up

·       8-inch wheels or casters are designed for both indoor/outdoor use

·       Adjustable handles to set at your own height

·       Safety lock release for arms storage  -- and a hook and loop clasp     strap for secure storage

·       Can be used both independently or with assistance from others

·       Easy-release loop lock brakes

I hope you've enjoyed learning more about these Drive Medical rollator models.