Differences Between a Walker and Rollator

If you need to know the differences between a walker and rollator, you’ve come to the right page. I share my reliable tips to help you decide whether you need a walker or a rollator. And I’ll review some of the best models on the market.

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The right walker or rollator will reduce your chances of falling and give you more mobility and freedom.  One of the main differences between a walker and rollator is that a standard walker is designed to offer you the most balance & support while you walk. A walker gives you more support than a cane or rollator could.

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And another important difference is that a walker is really best suited for indoor use, only. They’re great aids to help you get in and out of a chair or bed, or help you move around your home.

On the other hand, a rollator is built with 3 or 4 legs – and each leg will have a wheel instead of a rubber cap. They’re designed for those of us who can support more of their body weight in their legs and they offer light balance support when you need it. Rollators help you move faster and they’re really easy to push in front of you, as you walk.

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Rollators are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. So if you’re active, and like to walk outdoors, a rollator can be a great choice. And they’re outfitted with hand brakes which let you slow or stop at any time.

Don’t forget, when you’re thinking about the differences between a walker and rollator, that some rollators come with handy built-in seats. It’s great to have a seat if you need to suddenly sit down & take a break.

Don’t Forget to Consider Rolling Mobility Walkers, too, When You’re Comparing the Differences Between a Walker and Rollator

walker and rollator

In addition to standard walkers and rollators, you have another option: rolling mobility walkers. These rolling mobility walkers are built like standard walkers except they have wheels on the two front legs. You’ll get some walking support, that’s more than a rollator offers, but not as much support as you’d get with a standard walker.

I highly recommend this EZ2Care Deluxe Rolling model on Amazon! It has two 5" wheels in the front and two slip-resistant rubber tips on the back legs - and it moves very  smoothly.

It's super easy to fold/unfold and it's made of anodized aluminum for safety and strength - but it's still lightweight. And it adjusts to your own height.

I have this EZ2Care Deluxe Rolling Model from Amazon and I can tell you that the contoured hand grips are very soft and comfortable! Comfortable grips are important for everyone, but especially  for those of use with arthritis, joint pain/stiffness or nerve damage. Like me.

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Buying Tips for Mobility Aids

Don’t forget some of my important buying tips for mobility aids:

As you shop around, you’ll always want to make sure that any standard walker, rollator or rolling walker has an adjustable height. It’s important that any mobility aid you use is the correct height for you, to use safely, so make sure that mobility aid you choose is height adjustable.

Also, I really prefer any mobility aid that’s foldable! It’s so nice to be able to fold things up to put in a car trunk, a back seat, or tuck out of the way when you’re sitting in a chair.  Foldable devices are just so handy.

And I wanted to mention that a lot of people choose to have two models: they’ll use a standard walker for walking around their home, but use a rollator for outdoors or when travelling.

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Now you know all the differences between a walker and rollator!