Choose the Right Quad Cane

In order to choose the right quad cane, this page has important insights to help you find the right one. You’ll see that there’s a lot of quad canes to choose from, however picking the right one is important to your safety and mobility freedom.

And you can see my top quad cane recommendation: the Duro-Med Quad Cane for men and women available on Amazon.

Your health care provider or physician may have suggested that you use a quad cane, especially if you’ve already had an injury or surgery.  If you’re in physical therapy a quad cane can help you a lot.  This style of cane offers better stability, and supports more weight, compared to other styles like single point canes.

The Duro-Med Adjustable Small Base quad cane on Amazon is a great cane for someone who needs a quality quad cane that also  works well on steps. The smaller, rubber-tipped quad base measures 6" x 8",  which is the size you need if you want to climb steps using your quad cane. I know, no one ever tells you that !

(Generally speaking, the bases on large quad canes are too big to fit on the steps.)

Also, I think it's important to mention that this Duro-Med cane on Amazon easily  reverses positions so you can use it on a right or left hand!

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First, when you are researching how to choose the right quad cane, you’ll need to understand that the cane has four legs.  The legs touch the ground at all four tips and give better contact with the ground while you walk.  These canes also feature handles that are offset and help to evenly distribute your weight over the base of the cane.  

You you should also know that they have two types of bases – large and small bases.  Obviously a large base quad cane will have a larger footprint. This larger base does make them a little heavier to lift, though. 

A small base quad cane is, as named, smaller, so it is lighter.  This makes the cane easier to lift and fit into smaller walking spaces.  Also, the small base cane will allow you to walk faster.

When you’re trying to choose between these two models consider your health, way of life and where you’ll be using the cane.  This will help make the decision between a small or large base a little easier.

If you’re a bigger individual, or if you’re carry around some extra pounds, then a bariatric quad cane may be the best option for you.  A bariatric cane was created to give added stability and reduce risk of injury to those who may be a little heavier than average. 

And you can see my best bariatric quad cane recommendation: the Drive Medical heavy duty quad cane on Amazon. With it's heavy duty construction, it's perfect for seniors up to 500 lbs. It easily adjusts to your height and is styled to look just like many other standard 4 prong canes!

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Something you’ll love about your quad cane is that it will remain standing up on its own.  This makes it easy to keep them wherever you like, it also makes it easier to keep them out of the way too!  Since the quad cane has four legs you don’t have to lean it against your chair or find a place to “hold” it while you’re not using it.  No more tucking that cane under your arm!  This cane be very helpful when you’re out of the house, as well - wherever life takes you.

More Buying Tips on How to Choose the Right Quad Cane

quad cane

My recommendation is to purchase a quad cane with no-slip or rubber tips.  This will provide an added element of safety and extend the life of your cane.  Most, if not all, of the quad cane models will have an adjustable option to customize to your height.  They are often made of lightweight materials as well, like aluminum.  Though in a bariatric cane you may see that some models made of steel.

And you can see my top quad cane recommendation: the Duro-Med Quad Cane for men and women available on Amazon.

I have one tip for helping you choose the right quad cane – choose a cane that features a contoured handle, usually made out of vinyl or soft foam.  This handle is usually offset and having it contoured means it will fit your hand better.  It will also be softer on your hands.  If it feels better in your hand you’ll get the most out of using it and your hands will not wear out as easy.  Comfort goes a long way when you’re using a quad cane.

Another important detail when you’re trying to choose the right quad cane: remember that quad canes can be designed for either right or left handed use.  Some quad cane models will be adjustable allowing for use by either hand but when you’re shopping be aware of this specification.  You’ll want to purchase a quad cane that is made for your correct hand.

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