Best Cast Protector

A cast protector will help you stay comfortable, active and independent when you’re recovering from an injury or surgery. You don’t have to avoid taking a shower or getting near water if you have a cast protector. And they're so much better than the old plastic bags & tape we all used to use!

And you can see my #1 cast protector choice: the Seal Tight Cast and Bandage Protector on Amazon.

The right cast protector will keep your cast or bandages clean & dry when you shower, swim, exercise or soak in the tub. They're made with high-grade material that is also latex free - and will last for as long as you need to wear a cast or bandage.

Here’s my handy comparison chart of my top picks:

If you’ve ever had a cast on, you know that the simplest thing, like taking a shower or washing your hair can be difficult. But a watertight cast protector allows you to be more independent and active – while also keeping your injury clean & dry.

Quite frankly, I really don’t see why hospitals and emergency rooms don’t hand out a cast protector, to each patient, during discharge! It would make the patient’s life a whole lot easier.

And don't forget, you don't have to put up with uncomfortable & ugly crutches anymore! Knee scooters are the very popular alternative to crutches because they're easy to use, snazzy and fun.

Waterproof Cast Protector

Most cast protectors are watertight and are able keep you cast or bandages dry during showering. But what if you want to get into the pool or ocean? And if your child has a cast, you know they’ll still want to be able to get in the pool or ocean with everyone else! Then you’ll want to step up to a waterproof protector that will protect your cast/bandages.

You can see my top waterproof cast protector recommendation: the Drypro Waterproof Cast Protector on Amazon.

Waterproof cast protectors will work properly if you are careful to properly measure the circumference and length of your arm or leg. Proper measuring helps guarantee a waterproof fit.

You’ll want to have someone else measure the circumference of your leg or arm, on your skin, right above the top of the cast. You don’t want to measure your cast or bandages!

Then you’ll want also want to get the measurement of the length of your leg or arm.

To measure the length of your arm, measure the distance from the tips of your middle finger to the top of your cast. And to measure the length your leg, measure the distance from the bottom of your heel to the top of your cast.

Yes, often times the waterproof cast protector measurement will be longer than your actual arm or leg measurement. That’s ok. The waterproof cast protector will still work and the extra length will shrink and disappear when you create the vacuum seal.

The Drypro cast protector uses a vacuum seal to stay waterproof.The Drypro cast protector uses a vacuum seal to stay waterproof.

Seal Tight Cast Protector Review

I wanted to give you a detailed review on the popular Seal Tight Cast Protector to help you decide if it’s the right cast protector for your cast or bandages on your leg:

Advantages of the Seal Tight Cast Protector:

  • Faster to put on than using a plastic bag & tape
  • High quality, thick plastic that’s also latex free
  • Tight rubber seal to give watertight protection while showering
  • With proper use, the Seal Tight Cast Protector will outlast casts & bandages
  • Comparably economical price point

And you can see my #1 cast protector choice: the Seal Tight Cast and Bandage Protector on Amazon.

Disadvantages of the Seal Tight Cast Protector:
  • If you have weakness or arthritis in your hands, you may need someone’s help pulling the tight rubber seal on the Seal Tight Cast Protector onto your leg
  • If you have circulation issues, the snug, watertight seal might be a problem for you
  • Although the packaging says that it will keep water out during bathing or play, I feel that if you wanted to swim or bathe in a tub, you should step up to a waterproof cast protector, instead of this watertight protector. That’s just my opinion.

A knee scooter is the best alternative to crutches!

As you're recovering from your injury or surgery to your leg/foot, remember to get a knee scooter to aid you in your recovery! Knee scooters are very popular alternative to crutches.

A knee scooter will allow you to comfortably rest your cast or bandages on a cushioned platform while you use your healthy leg to scoot around. Having your cast or bandages elevated on a knee scooter promotes faster healing.

When I compare quality, portability, features and price, I highly recommend the Steerable Knee Scooter by KneeRover on Amazon.  It has 4 non-marking 10" pneumatic wheels for excellent stability on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Check Amazon's price on the Steerable Knee Scooter.

The Steerable Knee Scooter fits either right or left legs, has a deep 3.5" contoured knee resting platform that's height adjustable, 300 lb weight capacity and it has a stylish green color!   And the KneeRover has an adjustable locking handbrake for safe control.

Because it only weighs 22lbs, and folds up, it's extremely portable and you can take it anywhere you need.  And I love that it has a tool-free assembly and set-up! And you can check Amazon's price on the Steerable Knee Scooter by Knee Rover.

A knee scooter is so much better than crutches - and you won't run the risk of hurting your injured area by having it bump against clunky crutches. In my opinion, a knee scooter is the best alternative to crutches.

What else should I use with my cast protector?

A lot of my readers swear by using a stop itching spray with their cast. If you’ve ever worn a cast, you know how your skin underneath the cast will naturally itch. But a can of stop itch spray comes with a long straw so you can spray those itchy areas.

The alcohol in stop itching sprays will dry up any extra moisture under your cast, too, and it will help keep cast odors away.

But, don’t forget, this stop itching spray should only be used by adults, not children. And it should not be used if you have an open wound or stitches.

If you'd like to learn more about how to choose a knee scooter, see my Best Knee Scooter review page.

You’ll enjoying showering, bathing or swimming, while you’re recovering, when you choose the best cast protector.