Proper Cane Height - How to Measure

Your cane height is incredibly important so you'll want to learn how to measure here. In order to get the full benefits & stability out of your cane, and to keep unnecessary stress off your joints, it must  have the proper length. 

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Whether you have a single tip,  a three tip or a quad tip cane, it's important to measure and adjust the length.

If your cane is too short you may find yourself leaning and your balance can be thrown off.  Or you could fall. And if it's too long, you may need to over-reach or over-exert yourself as you walk. That's not good.

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As you shop around, you'll see that there are models with adjustable cane height and non-adjustable models. Adjustable models usually have a series of holes with a button that allow you to easily customize the cane height for you. Non-adjustable models don't have this handy feature, and if you want to customize their height, you'll have to remove the tip and try to cut the end off. 

Personally, I always recommend buying an adjustable  cane.

Easy Cane Height Measuring Instructions

It's really easy to measure so that your cane fits properly!

Stand up in a relaxed but straight position. Wear the normal walking shoes that you wear everyday. Hang your arms at your side.

measuring cane heightHere I am showing you where to measure for a cane

You'll see a crease/wrinkle where your hand meets your arm, right above your thumb - and that's where your proper cane height is. Here's my photo to show you:

Have someone measure from the floor up to the crease/wrinkle in your wrist. It's important to have someone else measure so that you'll be able to keep your wrist still.

The top of your cane should be the same height as the point on your wrist where you hand meets your arm. And you can round up to the nearest half inch if you have to.  

And don't forget that if you have a disability, injury, or have had recent surgery, you doctor or physical therapist can recommend a special walking pattern for you, cane style or answer any other questions.

My Quick Cane Reviews in Addition to this Hurry Cane Review:

To save you time, I've listed my best cane reviews in these popular categories:

Most Stylish Cane for Men & Women:

The Hugo Derby adjustable cane on Amazon is my top pick for a stylish and streamlined cane that's perfect for both men & women! It comes in five colors and the cushioned grip is incredibly comfortable. 

Prettiest Offset Cane for Ladies:

This feminine & attractive Nova Ortho offset adjustable cane on Amazon comes in 13 designer patterns! Flowers, plaids, paisley and more! It's a high-quality offset cane that will also get many compliments. And the padded grip is ultra soft & comfortable.

Best Quad Cane for Men & Women:

This Duro Med adjustable small base quad is my top pick for anyone who needs a sturdy, quality cane that also  works well on steps. The smaller 6" x 8" rubber tipped base gives a lot of security and also fits on steps. This Duro Med quad cane on Amazon is an all-around winner.

Best Bariatric Cane for Men & Women up to 500lbs:

If you're looking for an adjustable cane that's designed for a larger sized man or woman, that's also  attractive, I highly recommend this great Nova Bariatric offset cane on Amazon! The sleek, elegant black color & design keeps it from looking medical or institutional. And it's very well built to accommodate up to 500lbs.  A classic!

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If you use my advice, you'll be able to set your perfect cane height.