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Find the best tall rollator for you, using my reliable advice and buying tips. I’ll talk about the features you should look for to choose the best rollator if you’re tall.

Check out my top recommended rollator designed for tall people: the Blue Tall Rollite Rollator on Amazon.

A tall rollator is a very wise mobility choice for anyone that’s over 6 feet tall. Because many standard rollators have a limited handle bar height adjustment, of 36” or lower, that’s too low for someone who’s lanky. You’ll end up bending awkwardly trying to grab the low handle bars, which is not only unsafe, it’s downright uncomfortable. That’s why a standard size is not the best tall rollator choice.

I really recommend the Blue Tall Rollite Rollator on Amazon for anyone who's 6 ft or taller. And here's why:

The handle bar height can be adjusted up to 40" which is critically important for tall people. This Blue Tall Rollite Rollator will keep you from having to awkwardly bend over - which is unsafe. And it easily supports anyone up to 300 lbs. And the higher seat height is perfect too.

I think the Midnight blue color and new design is very stylish too! I like that it's easily foldable for storage and it has ergonomic handbrakes.  You can check Amazon's price on the Blue Tall Rollite Rollator.

The correct height of your handle bars should be at your hip joint. Not below! To be safe, the height of your handle bars should be even with your hip joint.

It used to be that taller people were encouraged to get a bariatric rollator. But not anymore. A bariatric rollator is designed for overweight people, and the frame is designed to support more body weight. So a bariatric walker is very heavy and it’s harder to push in front of you. And it’s just not designed to properly fit an active, lanky person.

But if you’re taller, and weigh under 300lbs, there are some stylish, lightweight rollators designed just for taller people.

Check out my top recommended rollator designed for tall people: the Blue Tall Rollite Rollator on Amazon.

The Correct Rollator Wheel Size For Tall People

Many rollators are outfitted with 6” wheels, but that’s not the correct wheel size for those of us who are tall. And quite frankly, someone who’s more than six feet tall will look silly using petite wheels. Definitely choose a rollator walker that has the larger 8” wheels.

Also, larger wheels handle small bumps, like doorway thresholds and sidewalk cracks, much more smoothly and easily.

tall rollator

Seat Height is Important When Choosing the Best Tall Rollator

I think the best tall rollator to choose is one with a comfortable seat – that’s located at the proper height. Each model should clearly state the seat height.  A standard rollator walker will have a seat height that will be too low, which makes it risky to bend down low to reach it. And almost impossible to get up from it.

Also, a taller seat height will allow you to sit comfortably at a table or counter.

In addition to the correct seat height, make sure you choose a model that’s foldable. It’s just so handy to be able to put your rollator in your car or trunk.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my tips for choosing the best tall rollator.