Best Rollator Walker – How to Choose the Right One

The best rollator walker will keep you active and independent, while still giving you the support and balance help you need. Read my advice to learn how to choose the best rollator walker for you mobility issues, your lifestyle and your budget.

You can see my #1 rollator walker recommendation: the Drive Medical Rollator on Amazon.

Rollators, or wheeled walkers, were invented in the 1970’s for anyone who could support some of their own body weight in their legs – but wanted to walk much faster than you could with a standard medical walker. A rollator, which has 3 or 4 wheels, is pushed from behind, and rolls very easily over many indoor or outdoor surfaces. And many of the best rollator walkers have built-in seats, so you can pull up to a restaurant table, or stop to rest, if you need it.

This Drive Medical Four Wheel Rollator on Amazon is my #1 all-around rollator walker choice! It's not only strong, easy to fold and economically priced - but it's also stylish!

I love the four 7.5" wheels that are non-marking - and they work very well indoors and  outdoors. It also has a tough & strong steel frame and you'll find it very easy to adjust it to your personal height.

This Drive Medical Rollator on Amazon features a really nice padded seat with a padded backrest that you can fold up or down. And I want to mention that the ergonomic handles are very comfortable in your hand. It also comes in blue or red

You can check Amazon's price on the Drive Medical Rollator. 

Wheeled rollator walkers also have handbrakes installed on the handlebars, so you can stop, or lock the brakes, when you need to sit.

Best Rollator Walker vs Medical Walker

rollator walker vs medical walker

Let’s talk about the differences between the best rollator walker vs medical walker:

Even the best rollator walkers aren’t the best mobility aid choice for anyone who has weakness in the legs or is unable to support most of their body weight by themselves. Anyone who has these specific mobility issues would be much better off choosing a standard medical walker. A medical walker, which doesn’t have wheels, gives the most balance support of any type of walker or rollator.

And you can see my #1 top recommended adult walker: the Drive Medical Folding Designer Walker on Amazon. It's lightweight, strong and easily height adjustable from 28.25" to 38.25, so you can set it to your perfect height.

I think this Drive Medical walker is a great walker that has quality features and it's available in stylish colors too: blue, gray and pink!

You can check Amazon's price on the Drive Medical folding designer walker.

Generally speaking, medicals walkers are lighter than rollator walkers, but since you have to lift up a medical walker, at each step, you’ll walk much slower.

Also, medical walkers are really designed for use indoors and many people like to put ski glides or tennis balls on the back legs of their walker to help it move more smoothly and quietly.

I highly recommend the Drive Medical Walker Ski Glides on Amazon. They're perfect for giving you smoother and quieter movement over carpet, wood and outdoor surfaces too! Just put them on the rear legs of your walker! And you can check Amazon's price the Drive Medical Walker Ski Glides. 

Because rolling walkers have wheels, and they don’t need to be lifted up at each step, you’ll use less effort to walk. And you’ll walk much faster. Also, because of the wheels, you’ll be able to turn around in tight spaces like shopping aisles, hallways, etc.

Compact Rollator Walker

compact rollator walker

Have you thought about getting a compact rollator walker? You should consider a compact rollator if you like to travel, like to drive, or if you don’t always need to use a rolling walker.

A compact rollator walker is specially designed to be a sleek, lightweight and foldable mobility aid. One thing I really love about the new compact rollators is that they don’t have that “medical” look! They have modern designs that really are sporty. Many people think that they have a stylish Euro look.

I highly recommend the Comodita Brava Compact Rolling Walker available on Amazon. And here's why:  it weighs only 18 lbs, easily folds up in its own transportation bag, is competitively priced, but I think it's still built like a tank.

The Comodita Brava Compact Rolling Walker has extra large 8" wheels with rubber tires for superior gripping & security on indoor and outdoor surfaces. Including carpet!

It also has easily adjustable handles, padded seat, back rest and reliable brakes. I especially like the thick fabric carrying pouch that allows you to discreetly take items with you. And you can check Amazon's price on the Comodita Brava Compact Rolling Walker.

These compact rolling walkers quickly fold up– some as small as 25” x 16” x 11” – which is the perfect size for car trunks or backseats. Or you can put them in large suitcases. And many models weigh less than 20lbs! You can pack up your compact rolling walker – and only take it out when you need it.

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What’s a Bariatric Rollator?

A bariatric rollator is a rollator walker that's especially designed for those of us who are larger or heavier.

Bariatric rollators, or heavy duty rollator walkers, have really come a long way in the last few years. The new bariatric rollator walker models have more streamlined designs, sportier looks with choices of colors, while still offering the support, comfort and dignity larger people deserve.

And you can see my top bariatric rollator recommendation: the Medline bariatric rollator on Amazon.

A bariatric rollator is the best rollator walker choice for anyone who’s larger or heavier. Most standard rollator walkers are designed for a maximum body weight of 300lbs.

But if you’re much taller, or bigger, you’ll want to look for a bariatric rollator walker that will support more weight - and is designed to offer you a comfortable seat.

I highly recommend this Medline Bariatric Rollator Walker on Amazon for those of us who are heavier or taller!

Here's why: this Medline Bariatric Rollator is stylish but still supports up to 400 lbs! The frame and wheels have reinforces bracing, forks and spokes for added strength and durability. Which will give you confidence and freedom. And it comes in an attractive burgundy color.

And it's thoughtfully designed with a wider distance between the handles and a wider, padded seat. And I love that the basket on the Medline rollator can be positioned under the seat, or in front, to suit your individual needs.

And you can check Amazon's price on the Medline Bariatric Rollator Walker.

These bariatric rollators , or heavy duty rollator walkers, have special framing supports that are very non-intrusive. And bariatric rollators feature wider internal dimensions so you’ll be able to comfortably sit down and walk with it. Genius.  use it.

And you'll really appreciate that the new bariatric rollator walkers come in some great, modern designs & colors! We all want stylish and attractive mobility aids!

Best 3 Wheel Rollator Walker

A 3 wheel rollator walker is a popular choice because they’re smaller and lighter than a 4 wheel rollator - and they can easily glide through tight spaces or corridors. Think of 3 wheel rollator walkers as the sports cars of rollators!

Check out my #1 three wheel walker pick: the Drive Medical Winnie Lite on Amazon. It's very light, strong and stylish! And you can check Amazon's price on the Drive Medical Winnie Lite.

If you like to go to the movies, out to restaurants or the grocery store, you’ll find that it’s easier to maneuver a 3 wheel rollator walker through aisles or corridors.

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Are you a taller person that needs a rollator?

We all want to choose the best rollator walker for our needs, but as you probably know, tall people have unique mobility needs and they usually find that a standard sized rollator is not tall enough to use safely and efficiently. Tall people should look for the best tall rollator, so they can remain active indoors and outdoors.

Many taller people find that when they try to use a standard sized rollator, they're forced to bend over too far, with is not only uncomfortable - it's not safe!

Let's talk about what features you need to be aware of when you're trying to find the best tall rollator, how to adjust the height......Read More

Best Knee Scooter

best knee scooter

Did you injure your ankle, foot or leg? Or are you having surgery to fix your knee, foot or leg? Then you'll definitely want to get the best knee scooter that will keep you mobile & active, while you heal. The best rollator walker is not a good mobility aid if you have an injured or healing leg/knee/foot. You need a knee walker or knee scooter.

Far and away, the best knee scooter is much better than old-style crutches! Using crutches is awkward, tiring and there's always risk of doing more damage to the painful areas on your foot or leg.

A knee scooter, or knee walker, will allow you to comfortable rest you leg on the seat, while you use your good leg to propel yourself forward. You'll still be independent, and having your leg raised on the seat promotes faster healing...... Read More

Do you need one of the best walkers with seats?

Wondering what are the best walkers with seats - and if you need one?

The new walkers with seats are designed for those who are recovering from a surgery or injury, have weaknesses or who suffer from arthritis - but still want to have independent mobility. And these exciting new walker rollator models have some unique benefits.

You'll be able to walk faster, than just using a standard walker. A rolling walker with a seat has 3 or 4 wheels that allow you to push it from behind. You set the speed, and you can walk faster than using a regular walker. And you can use the handbrakes to stop, slow down or lock the rollator walker so you can comfortably sit down. Yes, you can sit down when and where ever you feel like it.

here's a red walker with seat that looks snazzyDrive Medical Walker with Seat

I highly recommend the Drive Medical walker with seat on Amazon, because it's snazzy, strong, easy to fold and priced right. And I think it's stylish too - and comes in either blue or red.

I love the four 7.5" wheels that are non-maring - and they work very well indoors and  outdoors. The wheels won't make any track marks on your floors. 

This Drive Medical walker with seat features a really nice padded seat that also has a padded backrest that you can fold up or down.

You can check Amazon's price on the Drive Medical walker with seat.

Do you like to travel? Well, you'll be happy to know that the new compact rolling walker styles allow you to take your own rollator walker when you travel!

These new compact rolling walkers are lighter, compact and very easily fold up to go into your suitcase. Genius. You'll be able to keep travelling and have confidence knowing that your walker with a seat is with you.

And you can see my top recommended compact rolling walker: the Comodita Brava Compact Rolling Walker on Amazon.

Really, those of us with mobility issues have many choices when we're searching for the best rollator walker.

How to Choose the Best Quad Cane

If you're looking for the best quad cane, instead of the best rollator walker, you'll need to consider your own activity level, your mobility issue and your maximum body weight, before you buy.

Quad canes are different from straight canes for two main reasons: they have offset handles and wider bases with four tips.

offset handle on best quad canes
quad cane tips

One of the advantages of having a quad cane is that the wide base gives you much more support than a single tipped cane could give you. Quad canes really give you the stable support you need if you have trouble standing up from your seat or bed.

Another advantage is that four pronged quad canes stand up on their own! You won't need to lean a quad walking cane against a wall or chair - it will stand alone until you're ready to use it. Very handy.

Before you choose the best quad cane for you, or your loved one, keep in mind that there are two major styles: large base and small base. For an in-depth look at the pros and con's of a large base vs small base quad cane.......... Read More

And don't forget, the best quad canes are designed to be adjusted for your left or right side, unlike the best rollator walkers on the market.

Before you start using your 4 pronged cane, you'll want to make sure it's properly set up to be used on either your left or right.

Basically, the two shorter legs on the base should be next to your body, while the two longer legs should be positioned away from your body.

Here's a great, short video that shows you how to adjust the quad cane base:

Looking for some rollator walker comparison tips?

It's a good idea to compare several rollator walker models before you invest in one. There are so many styles, designs, colors and features on the new breed of rollator walkers on the market. So I put together a page so you could learn what rollator walker features you should look for - and compare ..... Read More

Have you considered a three wheel walker?

Three wheel walkers are sporty and you can walk faster!

A three wheel walker, also called a 3 wheel rollator, is a newer style that's quickly becoming the best rollator walker choice for many.  Of course you'll need to check with your own doctor, but for many people, a three wheel walker is the sportier, lighter and more fun choice for a rollator walker.

Besides having 3 wheels, instead of 4, a three wheel walker is slimmer, so it can more easily navigate smaller hallways, aisles and walkways. And it also folds up to a smaller size, so it takes up less "parking space" than a standard rollator walker......... Read More

Check out my #1 three wheel walker pick: the Drive Medical Winnie Lite on Amazon. It's very light, strong and stylish! And you can check Amazon's price on the Drive Medical Winnie Lite.

Rollator walker accessories

Let’s talk about some of the best rollator walker accessories to have:

I highly recommend getting a basket or bag, for your rollator walker, if it doesn’t come with one. I can’t tell you how helpful it is to have a rollator basket or bag so you can take items along with you. Some people use the baskets/bags to hold groceries, a purse, books, laundry and more!

Are you on oxygen? Then an oxygen holder is a rollator walker accessory you should have. They easily clamp or bolt onto rollators so you can easily take your tank with you.

A cup holder? You bet! Cup holders are one of the most popular rollator walker accessories on the market. Handy and sensible.

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Preventing Falls is the key to good mobility, health and independence!

It's important, as we age, to do everything we can to prevent falls, so we can maintain our health and mobility. And our independence!

Each year, many thousands of older Americans fall, and brake bones, in their own homes. Falling in your home is a serious issue and a bone brake can lead to more serious health problems.

So I wanted to share this article from the National Institute on Aging – How to take the right steps to prevent falls. It's a good resource of information about how to take the right steps, around your house, to prevent falls on your floors, rugs, stairways, hallways and bathrooms.

Looking for a stylish heavy duty rollator?

If you're a larger person, or weigh more than 300 lbs, you'll be glad to know that there are new heavy duty rollator models on the market that are strong and stylish!

Heavy duty rollators are designed to be more comfortable and secure for those of us who are larger.  A heavy duty model is the best rollator walker choice when you weigh more than 250 -  300lbs.

Not only are they built with internal bracing that supports more weight, they have larger overall dimensions and wider seats. All of these special details on a heavy duty rollator makes them a pleasure to use for........ Read More

And you can see my top bariatric rollator recommendation: the Medline bariatric rollator on Amazon.

Stylish Medical Canes

medical canes

And medical canes no longer have to be so uniform and medically-looking! The new medical canes on the market look nothing like the old-school canes that were routinely passed out in a hospital. To see some of the most stylish canes available, read my fashionable medical canes review page.

Now you have all the good information you need to choose the best rollator walker.

In addition to answering your questions about the best rollator walker to choose, here's more information about some other popular mobility aids:

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