Best Rollator on the Market

To choose the best rollator on the market, use these reliable buying tips and reviews. Your best rollator choice is the one that matches your activity level, your health status, your size and your budget.

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When you’re searching for the best rollator on the market, remember that a rollator is better than a standard walker because they have wheels. The wheels allow you walk faster, you don’t need to lift it with every step, they fold easily for storage, they have safety brakes – and many models have fold down seats and handy on-board baskets.

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Rollators don’t have that “medical look” that standard walkers have. Because of the new designs and colors available on rollators, they’re downright sporty looking!

When you’re comparing the best rollator models, always check out the wheels. Check to see if the manufacturer recommends that the wheels should be used indoors, outdoors, or both. Generally speaking, small wheels are better for indoor use. And larger wheels are better for walking outside, because they turn easier. I prefer the rollators that have indoor/outdoor wheels.

You should be a fairly active person, who’s able to support some of their own body weight, in order to choose the best rollator. And, if you’re 250 lbs or less, a standard rollator built with an aluminum frame is your best choice. Aluminum is strong, but light, and you’ll be able to push the rollator easily.

Do you weigh more than 250 lbs? No worries! There are some very stylish bariatric rollators on the market that you’ll love. The new bariatric models have hidden reinforcements in their frames, larger overall dimensions to comfortably suit your body frame and they still come in fashionable choices.

I highly recommend this Medline Bariatric Rollator Walker on Amazon for those of us who are heavier or taller!

Here's why: this Medline Bariatric Rollator is stylish but still supports up to 400 lbs! The frame and wheels have reinforces bracing, forks and spokes for added strength and durability. Which will give you confidence and freedom. And it comes in an attractive burgundy color.

And it's thoughtfully designed with a wider distance between the handles and a wider, padded seat. And I love that the basket on the Medline rollator can be positioned under the seat, or in front, to suit your individual needs.

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Features of the best rollator on the market

Always check out the height of the handles. You’ll want to have the handles at a height that’s comfortable for you. Generally speaking, most handle heights are 30-38” inches and adjustable. But you want to double check this on any model that interests you.

I love the rollators with seats! It’s incredibly handy to have a seat whenever you need it. And their seat makes them perfect for pulling right up to the table for dining.

And you can see my highly recommended rollator: the Drive Medical Rollator on Amazon.

Check out the braking system. You’ll see both push down brakes and loop brakes. Many of models have push down brakes. You just push downward, lightly, on the handle to apply the brakes. Loop brakes, similar to hand brakes on a bike, allow you to stop and lock the wheels in place. But you must always engage & disengage the loop brakes, with each hand, at the same time.

I always tell my readers to go for a rollator that has a built-basket. It’s incredibly handy to have a nice basket to carry your shopping items, purse, accessories, etc.

And don’t forget about 3 wheel rollators!

A lot of people prefer the 3 wheel rollators because of their smaller size and maneuverability. They have a smaller width and you can easily move around smaller hallways, aisles, paths, etc.  No, they won’t offer quite as much stable support as 4 wheel rollator will, but if you have a high level of mobility and strength, you should think about a three wheel rollator.

Check out my #1 three wheel walker pick: the Drive Medical Winnie Lite on Amazon. It's very light, strong and stylish! And you can check Amazon's price on the Drive Medical Winnie Lite.

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Now you know how to choose the best rollator on the market.