Best Quad Cane – How to Choose Wisely

If you’re searching for the best quad cane to help you stand up and walk more securely and comfortably, then this page is for you! We’ll talk about what a quad cane is, who should use one and what quad cane size is best for you.

And you can see my #1 quad cane choice: the Duro-Med Quad Cane for men and women available on Amazon.

The best quad canes are mobility aids that are uniquely different from regular straight canes in several important ways. Quad canes have four tips at the base, while straight canes have only a single tip. A quad cane is more stable and won't tip over easily.

The Duro-Med Adjustable Small Base quad cane on Amazon is a great cane for someone who needs a quality quad cane that also  works well on steps. The smaller, rubber-tipped quad base measures 6" x 8",  which is the size you need if you want to climb steps using your quad cane. I know, no one ever tells you that !

(Generally speaking, the bases on large quad canes are too big to fit on the steps.)

Also, I think it's important to mention that this Duro-Med cane on Amazon easily  reverses positions so you can use it on a right or left hand!

You can check Amazon's price on this Duro-Med small base quad cane.

Having a wide base quad cane, with four prongs, that touch the ground, not only means that you’ll get more balance support – but the best quad cane can stand up on its own! You won’t have to awkwardly bend over to pick a quad walking stick off the ground. Genius.

Quad Cane Review: Maui Sugarcane

I wanted to include a review of the new Nova Maui Sugarcane in this quad cane review section! Read my review to see if the Maui Sugarcane is the best quad cane choice for you:

I love and recommend this Nova Sugarcane on Amazon because of it's stable quad base, light weight and beautiful Maui flowers pattern!

This Sugarcane has a quad base that allows it to stand on it's own, weighs only 1.15 lbs and has a cushioned offset handle grip which is really easy on your hand, wrist and arm.

Its height quickly adjusts for women 4' 11" to 6' 5" and has a handy wrist strap too!

Check Amazon's price on the Nova Sugarcane.

And if you like floral canes, like I do, I wanted to recommend that you take a look at this lovely and understated floral quad cane:

And you can see my best ladies quad cane recommendation: the beautiful Drive Medical Designer floral quad cane on Amazon. It's supportive and stylish! With a very comfortable grip too.

Check Amazon's price on the Drive Medical Floral Cane.

Quad canes have an offset handle, which distributes your body weight evenly down the shaft and over the 4 quad cane tips. You’ll feel more comfort in your hand and arm, using the best quad cane, compared to a straight cane.

If you'd like to visit the Drive Medical manufacturers website, click here.

Best Quad Cane Base Size

It’s important to choose the best quad cane base size for your own mobility issues and lifestyle. One of the great things about quad canes is that their 4 prong base gives you firmer support when you’re standing. It really will give you exceptional support when you’re standing up from a chair or bed. In fact, quad canes are the most supportive style of mobility canes on the market.

There are two sizes of a quad cane base: small or large. Large base quad canes are often called wide base quad canes.

Let’s talk about which size base is right for you:

Wide Base Quad Cane vs Small Based Quad Cane

parts of the best quad cane

The overall footprint of a large quad cane base averages about 12” x 8”, while the footprint of a small base quad cane averages about 6” x 8”.  A wide based quad cane base is a good choice if you want the maximum amount of overall support – and you live in a one story house/apartment. You see, the large base size means that it usually doesn’t fit on stair steps.

So, the best quad cane base size for walking up steps is the smaller size. If you go up steps, its good to know that a small quad base size will fit very securely on a step.

And you can see my top quad cane recommendation: the Duro-Med Quad Cane for men and women available on Amazon.

Best Quad Cane for Heavier People

Are you a larger or bigger person? Don’t worry, there are bariatric quad cane models that are designed especially for you. And, thank goodness, you can now find bariatric quad canes in some stylish designs and colors!

Typically, four pronged quad canes can support a maximum body weight of 225 to 250 lbs. But bariatric quad canes can easily & comfortably support up to 500 lbs.

And you can see my best bariatric quad cane recommendation: the Drive Medical heavy duty quad cane on Amazon. With it's heavy duty construction, it's perfect for seniors up to 500 lbs. It easily adjusts to your height and is styled to look just like many other standard 4 prong canes!

Check Amazon's price on the Drive Medical heavy duty quad cane.

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Quad Cane Tips and Height Adjustments

When you’re shopping around for the best quad cane, always double-check the quad cane tips. And make sure it’s height adjustable, too, before you buy!

You’ll want to make sure that each of the quad cane tips are 100% natural rubber. Natural rubber is the best material to absorb shock, avoid slips and give you the longest wear. Rubber is slip-resistant, durable and absorbs shocks & bumps.

Here's a picture of me trying out the best quad canes so that I can write quad cane reviews.

Also, make sure any quad cane you’re considering is height adjustable! It’s important to adjust the height of any walking cane so it can be set at the right level for you. Most four pronged canes have a series of holes, running down the shaft, with a locking button. You can easily adjust the height by pressing in the locking button and sliding the shaft up or down, to set the right cane height.

How to Adjust a Quad Cane for Your Left or Right Side

how to adjust a quad cane base

Yes, quad canes are designed for either your left or right side – and now many styles can be adjusted for either side of your body. Let’s talk about how to adjust the base for your left or right side:

Your quad cane base will have four legs with rubber tips. On one side of the base, you will have two shorter legs. And on the other side of the base, you will see two slightly longer legs.

To correctly adjust your quad cane for either your left or right side, the shorter legs should be next to your body – while the longer legs should be positioned away from your body. It’s really easy to properly switch your best quad cane for right and left hand use.

How to Walk with a Quad Cane

Here are some tips to help you walk with a quad cane. Your walking pattern should be the same whether you have a wide base quad cane or a small based cane. 

You’ll want to learn how to use a quad cane so you’ll be safe and get the most effective support & balance assistance.

First, hold your best quad cane in your hand, on the opposite side, of your injured leg. Make sure that the shorter legs of the cane base are closest to your body.

Move your quad cane forward, one step, and place ALL four tips of the quad cane on the ground.

Now step forward with your injured leg, using your quad cane and injured leg for your support. Keep your stronger leg stationary.

Then, step forward with your stronger leg, so that both of your legs and cane are lined up.

Here’s some tips on how to walk with the best quad cane, from UPMC:

Replacement Quad Cane Tip for Standard Canes

If you're not in the market for the best quad cane because you only need a single tip cane, but you like the way a quad cane stands on it's own, you'll want to consider a quadruple cane tip to add to your standard cane.

Yes, you can change the tip of your regular cane with a replacement quadruple cane tip. You'll get some of the benefits of the best quad canes like increased stability and allowing your cane to stand on its own. And many people love a quadruple cane tip because it provides more stability when using the stairs.

I highly recommend this Pharmaceutical Specialties Quadruple Cane Tip on Amazon. It's a sturdy rubber tip that fits on most 3/4" diameter standard canes. It's lightweight and non-slip to give you better traction. And it will allow your cane to stand on its own!

Check Amazon's price on the Pharmaceutical Specialties Quadruple Cane tip.

What's a Wide Base Quad Cane?

Wondering what is a wide base quad cane is, exactly? Well, a wide base quad cane is a cane with 4 prongs that’s designed with a larger footprint.

Let’s talk about why a wide base quad cane has a larger footprint and whether it’s the best quad cane choice for you:

You see, a wide base quad cane has a larger metal base at the bottom, than a small base quad cane has – and its legs, with rubber tips, are longer too.  So a wide base quad cane has a larger footprint on the ground.

The footprint of a small base quad cane usually averages about 8” length/depth x 6” width. But the foot print of a wide based quad cane usually averages about 12” length/depth x 8” width.

Yes, a wide base quad cane has a larger base in order to provide more stability and support than a small based quad cane.  

You doctor or PT will usually recommend a wide based 4 prong walking cane if they feel that you need more support when you walk, in order to reduce your risk of falling.

And you can see my top quad cane recommendation: the Duro-Med Quad Cane for men and women available on Amazon.

Will a Wide Based Quad Cane fit on Stairs?

Maybe you need to climb stairs in your everyday life, and while you’re shopping around for the best quad cane, you’re wondering if a wide base quad cane will fit on your stair steps. Excellent question!

Many local building codes recommend that stair steps should be built with about a 10” depth. Stair depth is measured from the front edge of the step to the back of the step where it intersects with the riser. This 10” recommended stair depth is to allow most of your foot to rest on the stair tread.

But, on average, since a wide base quad cane has a length/depth of 12”, it will not fit on most stairs. It’s just not safe to even try using it on stairs because it’s 4 prong base will not fit on steps.

So what should you do, when you need to use stairs, but your PT or doctor says you need a large base quad cane?

Well, many of my readers actually have both quad base cane sizes. They use the wide base quad cane for walking around the house and outdoors. But they position their smaller base quad cane at the top or bottom of the steps – so it’ll be right there when they need to go up or down the steps. That way, they have the best quad cane for walking on flat areas – and for going up or down the steps.

What About Walkers for Seniors?

For some of us, with more complex mobility issues, a walker might be a safer mobility aid choice.

There are three major types of walkers for seniors, and it's important to know their differences, so you can choose the best walker for your condition and lifestyle.

If you'd like to read more information about how to choose the right walker, with my up-to-date reviews, click here.

Best Rollator Walker

best rollator walker

If you're not searching for a quad cane, because you need more support and balance assistance than a cane can offer, you might want to consider look for the best rollator walker.

If you choose the best rollator walker that's suited for your mobility needs and lifestyle, you'll be able to keep yourself more mobile, active and independent. And we all want independence and freedom!

Let's review the important features you need to consider when you're searching for the best rollator walker for...... Read More

A folding cane is great for traveling too!

If you have an active lifestyle, that includes traveling, you'll want to get a folding cane! Yes, folding canes are wonderful for giving you support and style in your everyday life - but they're outstanding for traveling too.

When you travel, you're walking more, on many uneven surfaces. And you're probably using steps more often too. That's why having a folding cane, or collapsible cane, for travel is genius: you can quickly take them out and unfold it for instant balance support. And when you don't need your folding cane, you just fold it back up and put it away. 

Adjustable folding canes are designed to be compact and you can easily store them in your pocket, your purse, your coat or your suitcase or bag. Collapsible folding canes are handy & discreet!

And you can see my best recommendation for a very fashionable folding cane for ladies: the beautiful Duro-Med Adjustable Folding Cane with Derby Top on Amazon. It adjusts to your perfect height and it folds up so it will fit in your purse. I love the lovely wood derby handle too.  And this Duro-Med cane comes in 3 lovely colors/patterns!

You can check Amazon's price on the Duro-Med Adjustable Folding Cane with Derby Top.

Folding canes are just so versatile, compact and easy to use. You should consider an adjustable folding cane, for travel, while you're shopping for the best quad cane.

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Choose the Best Knee Scooter - So Much Better than Crutches

If you're facing knee, leg or foot surgery, you should know that looking for the best knee scooter will increase your mobility and still provide exercise for your good leg. And elevating your injured area on a knee scooter can actually decrease your recovery time.

It's not just the fun factor - because, let's face it, the new knee scooters on the market are just plain fun to drive. But the best knee scooters are a much better alternative to clunky crutches:

  • they easily roll over various types of surfaces and levels - while crutches often trip themselves
  • since your injured leg is elevated, you'll reduce the risk of hitting it, unlike when you're using your crutches and your injured leg hangs down between the moving crutches
  • when you stop your best knee scooter, and engage the parking brake, you can fully use your hands

You can read my reliable buying tip to help you choose the best knee scooter, by clicking here.

And I love to recommend this steerable knee scooter by KneeRover as the best all-around scooter on the market! It's lightweight, stable, has a great braking system, with a handy built-in basket and comes in a snazzy racing green color:

Have you considered a shower bench to help you get in and out of the shower?

Yes, the best quad cane will help you become more active and independent. But since most home falls occur in the bathroom, it's always good to think about what mobility aids you need to help you prevent an accidental fall and injury.

If you're a bigger or taller person, you'll definitely want to think about getting the best bariatric shower bench to help you safely shower or bathe.

The best bariatric shower benches are designed to comfortably and safely support those of us who are taller or bigger. They have gently curved seats that are wonderful to use because they're shaped to fit your body. And you'll feel secure knowing that the best bariatric shower benches support up to 500 to 700lbs.

I highly recommend the Medline Bariatric Bath Bench available on Amazon. Here's why its a great choice for those of us who are on the heavier side: it safely holds up to 500 lbs, needs no tools to assemble and has added suction cup feet for stability.

The Medline Bath Bench is height adjustable and the specially designed contoured seat really is comfortable.

And you can check Amazon's price on the Medline Bariatric Bath Bench.

And if you'd like to read more information about the best bariatric shower bench, that I like, Click Here.

What's a 4 Prong Walking Cane?

When you're shopping for the best quad cane, you might wonder what's a 4 prong walking cane? And is it different than a quad cane?

Actually, a 4 prong walking cane is just another name for a quad cane. Same offset handles, same four feet. Just a different name for the same mobility aid.

Click here if you'd like more in-depth information about the best 4 prong walking canes on the market.

What are the best adjustable walking canes to choose from?

Are you wondering if you should look into getting one of the adjustable walking canes that are so popular? Or are you wondering about the differences between the best quad cane vs an adjustable cane?

One of the reasons adjustable walking canes are so popular is because they're so easy to use! They quickly adjust to your personal correct cane height - you won't have to cut them down to size with a saw.

Use the bottoms along the quad cane shaft to adjust the cane height.

Adjustable canes have a series of holes that run down the shaft of the cane, with a button lock. To adjust the cane height, you only need to press down the button lock and increase - or decrease - your cane height.

If you're looking for a cane for some light balance or support....Read More

And you can see my #1 recommendation for the best adjustable cane: the stylish Hugo Derby cane on Amazon.

Which Metal Walker Style is Right for You?

If you or your doctor think you need a metal walker, instead of a quad cane, it's a good idea to learn about the three basic metal walker styles, so you can choose the best design for your lifestyle and mobility issues.

There are three main styles of metal walkers: standard walkers, rolling walkers and rollators.  Let's talk about how these walkers are different...... Read More

What is a Folding Quad Cane?

Wondering if a folding quad cane is your best quad cane choice? You may have seen some of the new folding quad canes on the market and wondered if it is the best quad cane for you. Let's talk about the specific benefits of a folding quad cane:

  • Folding quad canes are built to be lighter than the best quad canes that don't fold. In fact, some folding quad canes are up to 25% lighter!
  • A folding quad cane is incredibly convenient and easy to store. Folding quad canes are great for travel - and can fold down to less than 15" in height. If you love to travel, or don't need a quad cane all the time, a folding quad cane might be your best quad cane choice.
  • And the new folding quad canes also offer an innovative swivel design that allows you to quickly and easily change from left hand use to right hand use. Or vice versa. The best quad cane must be adjustable for either right or left hand use!
  • And don't forget, as you shop around for a quad cane, make sure you check out the maximum weight specifications. Make sure your own body weight is less than the max weight recommended for your best quad cane choice!

What's the difference between a quad cane vs regular cane?

As you know, a cane is a great mobility aid to help you keep active and safe.

But what are the differences between a quad cane vs regular cane? Let's talk about the differences between both of these cane styles....... Read More

Determining Your Correct Cane Height

the right cane height will help keep you from falling

After you've chosen your best quad cane, standard cane or folding cane, don't forget that you'll need to adjust it to your correct cane height.

I can't stress, enough, how important it is to have your cane at the right height. If your cane is too high, you won't get the balance support you need. And if you cane is too short, you'll lean forward too much.

Having the correct cane height makes it safe to use the best quad cane.

I'll show you how to quickly measure your body to determine the best cane height....... Read More

Do you have arthritis and have trouble walking? The right cane can really help those of us with arthritis because it can relieve pressure on sore knees, hips, ankles and feet. And improve your balance too. 

If you're dealing with arthritis might want to check out this informative article from the Arthritis Foundation:

If you're already using the best quad cane, you might also be concerned about your balance in the bathroom too.

Since the majority of falls and injuries, to seniors, occur in the bathroom, the best Carex tub transfer bench will help you avoid an accident.

With a Carex tub transfer bench, you will be able to enter - and exit - your tub while you're sitting down! A tub transfer bench is really an amazing device to help you safely enjoy bathing again.

If you're searching for the best quad cane, you might want to also thing about a tub transfer bench.

How to Pick a Bariatric Cane

I'm testing a bariatric caneHere I am trying out a bariatric cane

Let's face it, many of us carry around a few extra pounds. That's just life.

And most standard canes easily support 250 - 300 lbs. But what do you do if you weigh more than this?

Thankfully, there are great new bariatric canes on the market that are strong and stylish.

Let's review how to pick a bariatric cane..... Read More

And you can see my recommended straight bariatric cane: the Drive Medical Heavy Duty folding cane on Amazon.

Best Bariatric Rollator Walker

And if the best quad cane, or bariatric cane, doesn't give you enough support, and you have a few extra pounds, you might want to think about choosing the best bariatric rollator walker.

And I'm thrilled to see that the new bariatric rollator walkers come in some very snazzy designs and colors..... Read More

Best Quad Cane Summary

Now you know who should use a quad cane, what sizes & styles to choose from and how to walk with a quad cane.

Using my reliable tips, you can feel comfortable comparing and choosing the best quad cane for you – or your loved one.

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