Best Medical Walkers

The best medical walkers can give you more freedom and independence – and also reduce your risk of falling. Since there are so many styles and sizes on the market, I wanted to share my tips on how to choose the best medical walker for your own mobility needs and budget.

You can see my #1 walker recommendation: the Drive Medical Folding Designer Walker on Amazon.

Let’s talk about the three main walker styles on the market, their advantages & disadvantages and features you should look for when you’re choosing among the best medical walkers:

3 Main Types of the Best Medical Walkers

As you compare walkers, you’ll see standard walkers, rolling walkers and rollators available.

Standard walkers are also called medical walkers and they don’t have wheels. Standard walkers have rubber tips or glides at the bottom of each of the four legs. But no wheels.

And you can see my #1 top recommended adult walker: the Drive Medical Folding Designer Walker on Amazon. It's lightweight, strong and easily height adjustable from 28.25" to 38.25, so you can set it to your perfect height.

I think this Drive Medical walker is a great walker that has quality features and it's available in stylish colors too: blue, gray and pink!

You can check Amazon's price on the Drive Medical folding designer walker.

A standard or medical walker is a great choice if you want to walk around indoors - and if you don’t have to walk too far. They’re lightweight and inexpensive. They are height adjustable so you can easily set the walker at the level that’s ideal for you size. And a standard walker is designed to give you the most balance help & support of all the best medical walkers on the market.  

Yes, if you have trouble supporting most of your body weight in your own legs, a standard medical walker is your best choice.

And you can see my top recommended standard walker: the Drive Medical Folding Designer Walker on Amazon.

The drawbacks to standard walkers are that you’ll walk very slowly. Since you have to lift it, to move forward with each step, you’ll walk slowly. And it can be tiring to continue to lift the walker with each step.  

Rolling walkers look a lot like a standard medical walker, but they have a wheel on each of the front two legs. You’ll walker faster if you use a rolling walker – and you won’t have to lift it up with each step!

My #1 Top Recommendation for a Rolling Walker:

I love to recommend this EZ2Care Deluxe Folding model on Amazon! It has two 5" wheels in the front and two slip-resistant rubber tips on the back legs - and it moves very  smoothly.

It's super easy to fold/unfold and it's made of anodized aluminum for safety and strength - but's it's still lightweight. And it adjusts to your own height.

I have this EZ2Care Deluxe Folding Model from Amazon and I can tell you that the contoured hand grips are very soft and comfortable! Comfortable grips are important for everyone, but especially  for those of use with arthritis, joint pain/stiffness or nerve damage. Like me.

This EZ2Care Deluxe Folding walker on Amazon is my very best pick for a rolling walker!

A rolling walker is a great choice for someone you needs balance help but can also support more of their body weight in their own legs. And, because of their wheels, rolling walkers really move well on carpet. Rolling walkers also have easy height adjustment – and many models fold up for easy storage or transportation.

And then there are rollators. Rollators are similar to rolling walkers, but instead of having two wheels, they have wheels at the bottom of each leg. They’re so easy to push in front of you, while you walk, so you’ll walk much faster with a rollator.

And you can see my #1 all-around rollator walker: the Drive Medical Four Wheel Rollator on Amazon.

Rollators are the best choice for someone that’s already active – and wants to continue to be active. And they’re great for both indoor and outdoor use.

You’ll see that there are both three and four wheel rollators available. Three wheel rollators are smaller, so they’re a great choice if you need to walk in small hallways or tight spaces.

Check out my #1 three wheel walker pick: the Drive Medical Winnie Lite on Amazon. It's very light, strong and stylish! And you can check Amazon's price on the Drive Medical Winnie Lite.

Rollators have hand brakes, for safety, and you can slow down or stop at any time. And some models have fold-up seats, built in, which is nice to have if you need to take a break.

Are you ready for walker wheels on your medical walker?

If you've been comfortable using a medical walker, and your physical therapist has noticed improvements with your activity level, he might recommend that you add walker wheels. Adding walker wheels converts your own medical walker to a rolling walker.

Yes, a rolling walker or wheeled walker, might be the next step in your increased mobility. And it's as simple, and inexpensive, as adding wheels on your medical walker:

And you can see my #1 recommended walker wheels: the Drive Medical Universal Walker Wheels on Amazon.

New wheels for a walker are added to the front two legs. Once they're attached, you'll be able to walk faster & smoother, than with a standard medical walker. Even the best medical walkers on the market have to be lifted, with each step you take, so walking is a slow process. But adding new wheels gives you speed - and new confidence.

And if you'd like easy-to-follow directions on how to install walker wheels, read my walker wheels article.

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What are gliders for walkers?

You may have heard about gliders for walkers, but wondered what they really are - and what they do.

Gliders are small rubber or plastic caps, shaped much like skis, that are meant to be put onto the 2 back legs of your walker.

Also called walker ski glides, these gliders make a huge difference when you're using your rolling walker on carpet or uneven surfaces. The best medical walkers are improved with ski glides.

Gliders for walkers just easily skim over these difficult surfaces, so you'll walk with less effort. Your back walker legs are far less likely to get hung up if you've put walker ski glides on them.

I highly recommend the Drive Medical Walker Ski Glides on Amazon. They're perfect for giving you smoother and quieter movement over carpet, wood and outdoor surfaces too! Just put them on the rear legs of your walker! And you can check Amazon's price the Drive Medical Walker Ski Glides. 

Does Medicare cover walkers?

Wondering if Medicare covers the cost of a walker? Accoring to "Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) covers walkers, including rollators, as durable medical equipment (DME) that's medically necessary and prescribed by your doctor or other treating provider for use in your home." Good to know!

Walking with a Medical Walker

It's important to use the correct walking pattern when you're using a medical walker. So, I've included this video showing you how to use a walker safely:

Is a Medical Walker or an Adjustable Folding Cane the Right Mobility Aid for You?

best adjustable folding cane

Can you support most of your body weight in your legs? Do you just need slight help with balance while you're keeping a fairly active lifestyle?

Then you may want to consider an adjustable folding cane! You can read more here. They're great because they quickly snap open to use when you need a little extra help - and they quickly fold back up when you want to tuck it away. And adjustable folding canes are great to use when you travel. If you want to learn more about adjustable folding canes, click here.

What's the Best Quad Cane to Choose?

This picture is a close up of the four point base of a quad cane.

Has your doctor told you to get a quad cane? Or are you wondering if a quad cane would be right cane to help you with your mobility issues or to help you recover from a recent surgery or injury?

You can learn more about who would benefit from using a quad cane by clicking here.

Quad canes are the most stable cane style because of their four points, or feet, that touch the ground. And I think they're really handy to have because they are able to stand up on their own!

How to Use a Quad Cane

Once you've chosen the best quad cane, it's important to know how walk using a quad cane. There is a specific walking pattern you need to learn in order to use your new quad cane safely and effectively.

You'll always want to start off by holding your quad mobility cane on the opposite side from your injured leg.

Then carefully position your quad cane forward and rest all four cane tips on the ground. Your 4 pronged cane should now be about 1 step in front of you.

Then, step ahead with your weaker/injured leg, letting your quad cane and injured leg give you support.

Then you can step ahead with your strong leg.

Now both of your legs & cane should be lined up - and you'll be ready to take the next step.

Here's a good diagram, from the University of Pittsburgh, showing you how to walk safely with the best quad cane:

Yes, it takes some practice, but its important to know how to properly walk using a quad cane or the best medical walkers.

How to Measure for Your Proper Cane Height

measuring cane height

Having your cane at the right cane height is critical for preventing falls or injuries!

If your cane is too short, you'll lean over too far and you could fall. And if your cane is too tall, you'll over-reach and your could injure yourself.

Make sure you have your cane adjusted to the right cane height for your body - read here to learn more.

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How to choose the best walkers with seats for you

If you doctor says that you're strong enough for more independent mobility, he may have recommended that you choose one of the best walkers with seats, to keep up your active lifestyle.

A walker with seat, also called a walker rollator, is a great mobility aid that has wheels, which allows you to walk faster than you could with a regular walker that has no wheels.

And, for safety, they have hand brakes that you can use to slow down or stop. And the hand brakes on a rolling walker with seat can be locked, so you sit anywhere, without worrying that your walker will roll.

here's a red walker with seat that looks snazzyDrive Medical Walker with Seat

I highly recommend the Drive Medical walker with seat on Amazon, because it's snazzy, strong, easy to fold and priced right. And I think it's stylish too - and comes in either blue or red.

I love the four 7.5" wheels that are non-maring - and they work very well indoors and  outdoors. The wheels won't make any track marks on your floors. 

This Drive Medical walker with seat features a really nice padded seat that also has a padded backrest that you can fold up or down.

You can check Amazon's price on the Drive Medical walker with seat.

Yes, these rolling walkers with seats are snazzy and may be a better choice for you than the best medical walkers. 

And do you like to travel? Well, it's good to know that now you can continue traveling, safely, if you bring along your own compact rolling walker!

The exciting new compacting rolling walkers are designed to provide sturdy support but they're still lighter, smaller and are incredibly easy to fold up and fit in a travel bag or suitcase.

I highly recommend the Comodita Brava Compact Rolling Walker available on Amazon. And here's why:  it weighs only 18 lbs, easily folds up in its own transportation bag, is competitively priced, but I think it's still built like a tank.

The Comodita Brava Compact Rolling Walker has extra large 8" wheels with rubber tires for superior gripping & security on indoor and outdoor surfaces. Including carpet!

It also has easily adjustable handles, padded seat, back rest and reliable brakes. I especially like the thick fabric carrying pouch that allows you to discreetly take items with you. And you can check Amazon's price on the Comodita Brava Compact Rolling Walker.

What are Colored Walkers?

In my opinion, the new colored walkers are some of the best medical walkers on the market! It's about time that manufacturers have starting making color walkers that are fun, sporty, fashionable - and have a non-institutional look. There's no reason to look drab just because you're using a medical walker!

When you shop around and look at colored walkers, when you're choosing among the best medical walkers, you'll see you  have lots of choices. Some colored walkers feature solid colors or finishes. And some colored walkers have multi-colors or prints.

And don't forget, as you compare the best medical walkers, that you can always choose a fashionable or colored walker tote bag too. Adding a bright new tote bag to the best medical walkers is a great way to have fun and show your creativity.

And you can see this beautiful DMI Folding Pink Walker with Flowers on Amazon.

Yes, a colored or printed walker is a great choice when you're trying to find the best medical walkers on the market.

Looking for the best knee scooter?

If you're recovering from surgery, or an injury, to your foot, knee, ankle or leg, you'll need to find the best knee scooter to keep your independence and help yourself heal.

choosing the best knee scooter

You can read more about how to decide if a knee walker is right for you, how to walk with one and how to choose the best knee scooter by clicking here.

Why use a knee scooter instead of crutches? Back in the day, crutches were the mobility aid of choice for all leg, foot and ankle injuries/surgeries. The problem was, that they forced you to hang your injured leg between two awkwardly moving crutches. Since your leg wasn't elevated, it usually took longer to heal, and patients often hit their bad leg against the crutch, as they hobbled along. Ouch.

But the best new knee scooters, or knee walkers, are game changers! You can comfortably keep you leg elevated, exercise your good leg and remain active and mobile. 

And you can learn more about knee walkers, and their features, and how they compare to the best medical walkers, by clicking here.

Best Rollator Walker

best rollator walker

If you can support most of your current body weight with your legs, your doctor may have told you that you need the best rollator walker - not a medical walker.

A rollator walker has three or four wheels on each leg - compared with the best medical walkers that have no wheels on their legs.

The wheels on a rollator walker allow you to walk much faster, with less exertion. And the best rollator walkers have built-in seats and easily folds up.....Read More

And you can see my highly recommended rollator: the Drive Medical Rollator on Amazon.

Lightweight Walkers are Great Travel Walkers!

If you like to travel, you'll want to look at the lightweight travel walkers.

Do you enjoy traveling? Or just like being able to easily get out of the house and go shopping, eat at restaurants - or just take a walk? Then you'll definitely want to think about getting one of the new lightweight walkers on the market, when you're considering the best medical walkers.

These lightweight walkers are designed to fold up into a very compact shape so you can put them in a suitcase, on the back seat of your car or in your trunk. Having a lightweight travel walker really helps you enjoy your independence.

I highly recommend the Able Life Space Saver Lightweight Folding Travel Walker on Amazon. Why? Because it weighs less than 7lbs, it's  great for traveling or putting on the back seat or in the trunk of your car. With just your finger, you can fold it up in seconds and tuck it away.

The Able Life Space Saver Lightweight Walker is also strong & stylish -  and it supports up to 400lbs. It comes in a lovely Regal Rose color!

Check Amazon's price on the Able Life Folding Travel Walker.

Helpful Medical Walker Accessory: the Medline Walker Tray

Once you've chosen from among the best medical walkers, you'll want to think about adding accessories that will be truly helpful.

I'd like to recommend that you consider adding a Medline Walker tray to your walker. Why? Because the Medline walker tray is specially designed to help you carry around anything you need, without using your hands, and allowing you to keep a good, steady grip on your walker.

Whether you want to carry a cup, bottle, plate, papers, laundry, or a book, the Medline walker tray will help you do it - safely.

To read more about the Medline tray, and learn how to put it on your walker, Click Here.

You can check out my own #1 recommended walker tray: the Medline Guardian Walker Flip Tray. It's an attractive walker tray, which will also make you more independent, since you can carry your own drinks, meals, papers or craft items wherever you want to go. 

The Medline Guardian walker tray is strong, lightweight and flips down, out of the way, when you don't need it. I love the raised edge which keeps things from rolling off - and the built-in drink holders. And you can check Amazon's price on the Medline Guardian Walker Flip Tray.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the tips I’ve shared on this best medical walkers page.

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