Best Lighted Walking Cane Review

If you have mobility issue, all you may need is the best lighted walking cane to help you put your best foot forward. I’m going to share with you what you need to know to make sure your lighted walking cane is the size you need, with the features you want.

How to Choose the Best Lighted Walking Cane

How many times have you or a loved one needed to go outside after dark and took a flashlight with you to see your way? Probably more than a few.  But you can find the best lighted walking cane for your style and still be able to see where you’re going, even without a flashlight!

Lighted walking canes aren’t only good for going outside, though. Sometimes staircases don’t have the best lighting. The carpet at a friend’s house or a restaurant can certainly cause some issues if it is dark or has a lot of pattern in it. And whether you are inside or outdoors, there are plenty of times you’ll notice the flooring or terrain is uneven, and that’s when a lighted walking cane can really come in handy.

I highly recommend the My Cane Lighted Quad Cane on Amazon.

lighted caneLighted Canes are Great for Getting In a Car

The best lighted walking canes are not going to come in a “one size fits all” style. There are going to be different options to choose from so you can be sure to get the right one.

The first option is whether or not you want your cane to be adjustable. Adjustable canes are, obviously, easy to adjust the height on, and they are some of the easiest to find, which in itself makes them pretty popular. To ensure a non-adjustable cane is the right length, either the manufacturer needs to make it to the right size for you or you have to cut it down. That means removing the rubber tip, sawing off the extra length, and then putting the tip back on. However, if your measurements aren’t perfect, or if you choose to sand the shaft where you cut it so it is smoother, you could end up with a cane that’s too short and you’ll have to start all over again.

And you can see my #1 top pick for the best all-around adjustable cane: the stylish Hugo Derby cane on Amazon. It's streamlined, comes in 5 colors and the grip is incredibly comfortable. You can check Amazon's price on the Hugo Derby adjustable cane.

Another interesting feature you’ll want to consider is whether or not you want a folding cane. If you are a busy traveler, or even if you just drive a lot, this can be something to seriously consider. With one, you don’t have to try to figure out where to put it when you’re sitting on an airplane, in a chair at the latest restaurant in town, or in the front/back seat of your car while you’re driving. Just fold it up and put it into a travel bag, a handbag, or wherever it’s easy to get to. The point is, it’s out of the way when you aren’t using it.

One more thing you’ll want to seriously consider is what do you want your lighted cane to do? Do you just want it to light your way through darker conditions, or would you like to be able to also use it for self defense or personal protection? This isn’t advertised much, but some of the best lighted walking canes come with a small, built-in stun gun to protect you from a mugger or the neighbor’s nearly rabid dog.

How to Measure Yourself for the Best Lighted Walking Cane

After deciding which features you want in your lighted walking cane, the next thing is to make sure it’s the right size. If it’s too long or too short, you won’t get the best benefit from it and there will also be a greater chance of you falling.

What follows is what I believe to be the easiest way to measure yourself for a cane:

First, be sure to put on whatever shoes you most often walk around in, and find someone who has a few minutes to help you out with this. Then, stand in a straight position, but be relaxed. Don’t try to stand up too tall, just stand straight and relaxed with your arms hanging at your sides.

Now, take a look down at your arm and find the line, or crease, where your arm and hand meet, slightly above your thumb. Right there is where the top of your cane should be. Take a look at the photo below:

how to measure cane height

Remember that friend you have standing by? It’s their turn now. Have them measure the length between that crease on your wrist and the floor. It’s pretty impossible to do that yourself, so that’s why you need a friend. That measurement your friend made is the proper length for your cane – that’s where the top of the cane should be. If necessary, round it up to the next half inch.

Remember, though, if you have recently had surgery, have a disability, or have been insured, ask your doctor or physical therapist, if you have one, for recommendations regarding using a cane. They might be able to offer some very helpful suggestions regarding your use of your cane.

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You now know how to make sure your cane is the right size for you and what features to look for so you can find the best lighted walking cane for your needs.

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This feminine & attractive Nova Ortho offset adjustable cane on Amazon comes in 13 designer patterns! Flowers, plaids, paisley and more! It's a high-quality offset cane that will also get many compliments. And the padded grip is ultra soft & comfortable.

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This Duro Med adjustable small base quad is my top pick for anyone who needs a sturdy, quality cane that also  works well on steps. The smaller 6" x 8" rubber tipped base gives a lot of security and also fits on steps. This Duro Med quad cane on Amazon is an all-around winner.

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