Best Christmas Gifts for Seniors 2016

If you're looking for the top 10 best Christmas gifts for seniors, you've landed at the right place! My beautiful, useful and affordable gift suggestions will delight the seniors on your holiday gift list:

1. The Artiste Wireless TV Hearing Headset is one of the best Christmas gifts for seniors who have difficulty hearing!

This comfortable & wireless headset will allow any senior to enjoy TV and conversations - without turning the TV up too loud and annoying others in the room.

And at the touch of a button, the TV sound is turned off, and the headset acts as a room hearing aid!

Check Amazon's price on the Artiste Wireless Headset.

2. This elegant Carex Folding Cane is the gift of stylish mobility. And since you can adjust the cane height - it will fit any senior on your Christmas gift list.

This classic and fashionable Carex adjustable folding cane is a very popular style for both men and women! It features a smartly carved wooden derby handle which is very comfortable & easy to grasp in your hand. You can see Amazon's price for this Carex adjustable folding cane.

And if the senior on your list likes flowers or gardening, this delightfully floral folding cane is a lovely and colorful gift.

 Finally, canes no longer need to be drab and unattractive! That's why the new generation of fancy & elegant canes make the great Christmas presents for seniors.

3. A lighted hand held magnifier will become a daily go-tool for any senior in your life.  A LED lighted magnifier will make reading, sewing and viewing labels so much easier & more enjoyable.  A great Christmas gift for senior citizens.

This well designed and affordable handheld Marrywindix LED lighted magnifier on Amazon is the perfect gift for any senior that has difficulty reading small print or working with small objects.

The Marrywindix LED lighted magnifier has a comfortable ergonomically designed handle with one 3X large lens and a 15X small lens. The three battery operated LED lights supply quality light. 

Check Amazon's price on the Marrywindix LED lighted handheld magnifier.

Many of my readers tell me that once they have a handheld magnifier, they wonder how they ever got along without one!

Here's a good article from Wikipedia about Lighting for Elderly.

More Suggestions for the Best Christmas Gifts for Seniors:

4. If the senior on your Christmas list doesn't use a computer, the internet or a smart phone, a Presto Printing Mailbox will keep them connected to family & friends emails and photos. It's really amazing and I recommend it as one of the best Christmas gifts for seniors:

You don't need a computer, smartphone or internet connection to use the Presto A10 Printing Mailbox! It downloads and prints emails & photos using just a phone line! Any senior can stay fully connected to friends and family.

Learn more and check Amazon's price on the Presto A10 Printing Mailbox.

A printing mailbox is a great way for older people to enjoy the benefits of the internet and smart phone cameras and that's why its one of the best Christmas gifts for senior citizens.

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Let's talk about some more of the best Christmas gifts for senior citizens in your life:

5. A new and safe pill organizer is a must-have for all senior citizens who take medications!

As we all know, it's dangerous to your health to skip daily medications. And it's also just as dangerous for forgetful or confused seniors to accidentally take their daily pills twice in a 24 hours period. That's why a safe and easy-to-use pill organizer is one of the best Christmas gifts for seniors who need to take daily prescription medications. 

I highly recommend this Ezy Dose 7 day AM/PM Pill Organizer on Amazon. I love the push button lids, on each day's pill compartment, that easily pops open/closed with the touch of a finger. The Arthritis Foundation recommends the Ezy Dose too!

I also love that each day's pill compartment is larger than most of the other pill organizers on the market and it's color coded for morning and evening pills.

Check Amazon's price on the Ezy Dose 7 day AM/PM Pill Organizer.

You'd surprised how hand a pill organizer is and that why I chose it as one of the best Christmas gifts for seniors.

My Recommendations for the Best Christmas Gifts for Senior Citizens:

6.  I have to mention, as a caregiver, I saw lots of relatives visit on Christmas Eve or on Christmas day. And that's a lovely thing to see.

But I also saw that many of the seniors were slightly overwhelmed or exhausted by greeting relatives, that they had rarely seen earlier in the year, on Christmas Eve or Christmas day.  The seniors pushed themselves to do all the visiting & catching up in just a few hours.

Yes, all of the seniors I knew felt that a visit from a relatie made one of the very best Christmas gifts for seniors - but I think many seniors would be just as appreciative if their extended relatives would sprinkle their visits throughout the year. That way, each visit could be slowly enjoyed and it would make the whole year more wonderful for any senior relative.

Here are my recommendations for some of the best Christmas gifts for senior citizens.New Idea: Christmas in June

So here is my idea for the next best Christmas gift for senior citizens: mark you calendar for a Christmas in June visit to your favorite older relative!

Yes, think about how relaxing and nice it would be to schedule a June 25th visit. Everyone would not be caught up in the stress or rush of the holidays. And the weather would be nice too.

If you made a date to visit your elderly relative on June 25th, they would have something truly wonderful to look forward to after the hustle and bustle of the holidays!

A Christmas in June visit can be one of the best Christmas gifts for seniors in your life!

7. A Grabber! Yes, an Ettore Grip n Grab Reach Tool is one of the best Christmas gifts for seniors this year.

An Ettore grabber is one of the best Christmas gifts for senior citizens who have trouble reaching.Ettore Grip n Grab Reach Tool on Amazon

The Ettore Grip n Grab Reach Tool is 32" long to help seniors reach items they couldn't normally reach! It has rubberized jaw that grab and a handy articulating grabbing head that turns 90 degrees.

Check Amazon's price on the Ettore Grip n Grab Reach tool.

A grabbing tool is an incredibly handy Christmas gift for senior citizens and you can read specs here.

Two More Handy Christmas Gifts for Seniors

8. A night light for safety and beauty is a great Christmas gift for senior citizens - or anyone. Really, who couldn't use a good nightlight for safety and security?

Personally, I love nightlights because when I get up in the middle of the night - or when it's still dark in the morning - I feel so much safer when I can see where I'm going. I feel disoriented if I don't have a nightlight. Like a lot of senior citizens, a good nightlight helps make up for my bad night vision. Nightlights are an inexpensive but thoughtful & safe gift for senior citizens, children and everyone else in between.

I love these SOAIY Plug-in LED Night Lights on Amazon because they have a smart On/Off sensor which means they only light up at night. These SOAIY night lights stay cool to the touch and save money because you're not wasting electricity during the daytime!

Another great thing about the SOAIY Night Lights is that they're designed not to cover up the 2nd outlet - unlike a lot of other night lights that cover both electrical outlets.

Check Amazon's price on the SOAIY Plug-in LED Night Lights.

If you'd like to read some safety tips about lighting aids for seniors with low vision, click here.

Good luck and have fun choosing the best Christmas gifts for seniors!

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