Finding Your Best Cane Height in 3 Easy Steps

Wondering what your best cane height is? I get this question a lot from my readers. Show I’ll show you 3 easy step to measure and set the best walking cane height for you!

Using a cane is a great way to stay active and independent as long as you’ve adjusted your cane to the proper cane height. To safely use a cane, and prevent falls or unnecessary stress on your joints, you need to have it set at the best cane height:

Step #1 – Standing Position for Measuring Cane Height

When you're finding your best cane height, remember that you cane top should be as tall at the crease in your wrist.When you're finding your best cane height, remember that you cane top should be as tall at the crease in your wrist.

Carefully stand up with a straight but relaxed posture while wearing your usual, everyday walking shoes. Have someone help you get up, from sitting to standing, if you need it. Now hang your arms along your side and relax.

Step #2 – Taking the Correct Measurement of your Best Cane Height

While you’re standing, with your arms still hanging at your side, have a friend or family member measure from the floor up to the crease or wrinkle, where your arm joins your wrist. This crease is right above your wrist. I’ve show the point with a red arrow, in the photo, where you’ll find your wrist wrinkle/crease.

The measurement from the floor to your wrist crease is the proper cane height for you – and you can round up to the nearest ½ inch if you need to. The top of your walking cane should meet the point on your wrist where the wrinkle/crease is.

Step #3 – Adjusting your Walking Cane

When you have an adjustable cane, you can adjust it to the best cane height by pressing in the locking button.

If you have an adjustable walking cane, you can adjust the cane height to your proper measurement by pressing in the locking button, and matching it to the correct hole, that runs along the shaft of your cane.

On many adjustable cane styles, in addition to the locking button and holes, there are also tightening rings. If you have a tightening ring on your cane, twist it tightly, to secure your best cane height.

If your walking cane is non-adjustable, you’ll need to get the cane shaft shortened or cut down to match your best cane height measurement.

More Cane or Cane Height Questions?

Now that you’re correctly adjusted your walking cane to the best cane height, do you have more questions? Your doctor, surgeon or physical therapist can answer any questions you might have about which cane style is best for your mobility needs and health. And a medical professional can also any questions about the proper walking pattern you should use.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article on Finding Your Best Cane Height in 3 Easy Steps.

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