Best Bariatric Walkers

If you have a few extra pounds on your frame you’ll want to take a look at the best bariatric walkers on the market. Let’s talk about the features that make bariatric walkers so helpful.

And you can see my top bariatric walker recommendation: the Medline Bariatric folding walker on Amazon.

Let’s face it, all of us are not as thin as a model. But if you’re a larger person, and need a mobility aid to support you & give you some balance help, a bariatric walker is a great choice. A bariatric walker, or a heavy duty walker, is designed with extra bracing for added strength. And they have wider outer dimensions so that it fits comfortably around your body as you walk.

My best bariatric walker recommendation is the Medline Bariatric Folding Walker with 5" wheels on Amazon. It's designed with an aluminum frame with a front cross brace and two side braces, for extra strength. This Medline Folding Walker will support up to 500 lbs to keep taller or larger people moving. I love how it easily folds up with the release of two buttons, so it can easily move through narrow halls or doorways.

I highly recommend it and you can check Amazon's price on the Medline Bariatric Folding Walker.

Yes, the new bariatric walkers on the market have a lot of appeal!  

Features of the Best Bariatric Walkers

Of course, it varies by each walker model, but most standard medical walkers have a maximum weight limit of 200 – 275 lbs. But bariatric walkers can safely support up to 500lbs or more. So, if you’re bigger or taller, you don’t want to buy a standard walker. You won’t get the support you need from a standard walker and you risk falling or injuring yourself.

The best bariatric walkers have discreet extra bracing to give you the strength and support you need when you’re a larger person.

here's the push button release mechanism on a bariatric walker

Also, when you’re comparing the best bariatric walkers, don’t forget to check to make sure it’s foldable. Yes, if you buy a heavy duty walker, you want to be able to easily fold it up to a compact size. Why? Because bariatric walkers are built with larger overall dimensions, they are a wide walker. Sometimes they’re a bit difficult to get through very small doorways or hallways. So you’ll need to fold it up to get it through the hallway or doorway. And, also, you’ll want to be able to fold a heavy duty walker up so it can be stored in the back of your car or car trunk.

Also check to make sure any bariatric walker you’re thinking about buying is height adjustable. As you may know, it’s very important to adjust a heavy duty walker to the height that’s right for you. Look for a series of buttons and hole, along the legs, that will allow you make easy height adjustments.

Bariatric Walker Tray

Don’t forget that a bariatric walker tray is a great accessory to have on your heavy duty walker! There’s nothing like having a walker tray to put you cup, plate, book or crafts on. You’ll feel more comfortable and independent when you’re using your own bariatric walker tray.

And you can check out this Sammon Preston Bariatric Walker Tray on Amazon.

Now you’re ready to choose among the best bariatric walkers.

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