Best Bariatric Rollator Walker

Finding the best bariatric rollator walker can be a challenge because of the many choices in the market. But follow my reliable buying tips and reviews to choose the right bariatric rollator walker, for you, that will give you freedom and confidence.

And you can see my top bariatric rollator recommendation: the Medline bariatric rollator on Amazon.

If you’re taller or larger, choosing the best bariatric rollator walker will help you live the life you want. A bariatric model is specially designed with features you won’t see in a standard rollator:

First, it has special bracing, built into the frame, to allow it to support more of the person’s weight. And it’s designed with a wider overall width, and wider seat cushion, to give those of us who are bigger or taller more room to walk or sit between the handle bars. This extra space is really important!

I highly recommend this Medline Bariatric Rollator Walker on Amazon for those of us who are heavier or taller!

Here's why: this Medline Bariatric Rollator is stylish but still supports up to 400 lbs! The frame and wheels have reinforces bracing, forks and spokes for added strength and durability. Which will give you confidence and freedom. And it comes in an attractive burgundy color.

And it's thoughtfully designed with a wider distance between the handles and a wider, padded seat. And I love that the basket on the Medline rollator can be positioned under the seat, or in front, to suit your individual needs.

And you can check Amazon's price on the Medline Bariatric Rollator Walker.

The nice thing about the new generator of bariatric rollators is that they now come in designer styles and colors! Gone are the days when a bariatric rollator was a clunky, ugly and heavy mobility aid. Good riddance.

Are you wondering how a bariatric walker is different from a bariatric rollator walker? Well, a walker also has four legs, but it has solid rubber tips at the end of the legs – instead of wheels. You’ll have to lift it, and move it forward, as you take each step. So, you’ll move more slowly with a walker. This is an important distinction to remember when you’re shopping for the best bariatric rollator walker.

But, I want to mention that a walker will be able to support much more of your body weight, than a rollator can. Walkers are made for people who cannot support very much of their weight with their own legs.

My tip: no matter what mobility aid you choose, always make sure you match up your current weight with the maximum weight guidelines on the equipment!

Features to Look for When Choosing the Best Bariatric Rollator Walker

I really recommend a bariatric model with a basket! Because you’ll need to hold onto the handle bars, as you walk, a basket to carry your items is incredibly handy. Some baskets are positioned underneath the seat and some are mounted to the front of the rollator. But I highly recommend the models that allow you to move the basket to either position! Like this one:

And you can see my top bariatric rollator recommendation: the Medline bariatric rollator on Amazon.

I also love the new cup holders you can buy, as an accessory! It’s great to be able to take a drink along with you.

And don’t forget, many models now come in lovely colors that allow you to look stylish. I love that we now have so many attractive choices.

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