All Terrain Walker

An all terrain walker is your best mobility aid choice if you want to be active outdoors! Yes, if you have an injury or are recovering from a surgery, outdoor all terrain walkers will allow you to remain active and keep up with your outdoor life.

You can see my  #1 all terrain knee scooter recommendation: the All Terrain Knee Scooter by KneeRover on Amazon.

 An all terrain walker is designed differently than an urban walker and it will allow you to safely walk & work on rock surfaces, grassy fields, gravel areas, in forests, on sand and more. You won't be house bound! All terrain walkers for adults will keep you hiking, gardening and enjoying the outdoors.

All Terrain Walkers Review:

One of things you need to keep in mind while you're reading any all terrain walkers review is that the diameter of the wheels makes a huge difference in your safety, comfort and mobility.

I always tell my readers, if they're looking for all terrain walkers for adults, to go for a model that has wheels which are 8" - 12" in diameter. Standard all terrain walkers usually have 5" - 7" diameter wheels which are great for indoors. But for outdoor walking, including walking on grass, gravel, concrete, etc., you should really have wheels that are 8" - 12" in diameter!

KneeRover Hybrid All Terrain Walker Review:

I recommend this All Terrain KneeRover Hybrid Knee Scooter on Amazon because it features 10" pneumatic front wheels on the front and 8" wheels on the back.  Also, it has a new advanced auto style tie-rod steering system, rear disc brakes and locking parking brake that gives you more steering control & safety.

I also love the 3.5" deep knee platform cushion, the handy on-board removable basket and that it easily folds up for storage or portability. And the KneeRover Hybrid has easy tool-free assembly too!

Check Amazon's price on the KneeRover Hybrid All Terrain Walker.

And since we're talking about all terrain walker wheels, I wanted to say that I do prefer pneumatic tires on the front of all terrain walkers for adults. Why? Well, for two important reasons:

  • pneumatic tires ride smoother than rigid plastic wheels
  • pneumatic tires weigh less than rigid plastic tires

Yes, you'll get a smoother, softer & cushier ride with pneumatic wheels and you'll have to push less tire weight around!

I highly recommend the KneeRover Hybrid All Terrain knee walker with pneumatic tires. You can check Amazon's price on the KneeRover Hybrid Knee Walker.

All Terrain Knee Scooter Review:

I highly recommend the All Terrain Knee Scooter by KneeRover on Amazon for several important reasons: it features 12" pneumatic tires, adjustable locking rear brakes with fully adjustable knee platform and height adjustable handle bars. It's specially designed to safely scoot around your home or over grass, gravel, gaps in sidewalks & other outdoor surfaces.

The All Terrain Knee Scooter by KneeRover also has a generous 400lb weight capacity and is styled in a snazzy blue color. And I love the built-in basket!

You can check Amazon's price on the All Terrain Knee Scooter.

Trionic All Terrain Walker Review:

No, standard urban walkers are just not built for the uneven surfaces that you’ll encounter outdoors. But an all terrain walker, or outdoor walker, will allow you to keep enjoying work or recreational activities in an outdoor setting.

Unique Features of an All Terrain Walker

All terrain walkers, or outdoor walkers, are specially designed to smoothly roll over rough or uneven outdoor surfaces, so the first feature you should inspect on an all terrain walker is the wheels.

Smaller urban walkers usually have 5” - 7” wheels which work well on hardwood floors, carpets and smooth walkways. But you really want to walk over grass, gravel, pastures, hiking trails, sand, etc, you need look for all terrain walker wheels that are 8” – 12” in diameter.

And you can see my #1 all terrain walker recommendation: the Trionic Veloped Trek Outdoor Walker.

Larger wheels will roll more easily & smoothly on those bumpy outdoor surfaces. And personally, I think the air filled tires work much better than solid rubber tires or wheels.

As you shop around for outdoor walkers, you’ll see three wheel and four wheel models. Really, it’s a matter of personal choice in deciding whether to get a 3 or 4 wheel outdoor walker.

Next, make sure any all terrain walker you’re looking for is height adjustable for your personal height. The description of any all terrain walker should clearly state that its height adjustable – and give you the range that you’re able to adjust the height. As with any type of walker, it’s important to be able to set it to the height that’s right for you.

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An all terrain walker gets you moving outdoors.

And always make sure the all terrain walker you’re considering is easily foldable. You’ll want to be able to fold up your outdoor walker and put in your car trunk or backseat, so you can take it anywhere you need to go. Yes, make sure your all terrain walker folds and unfolds easily.

And check out the brake system  on any outdoor walker. You’ll want to be able to easily engage the brakes with your hands. Remember, if you’re using your all terrain walker to go down hills or slopes, your hand parking brake will help you control your downward speed. And I think having a parking brake is a great feature too.

All Terrain Walker: Knee Scooter

And if you’ve had surgery on your knee, foot or ankle, your doctor may have told you that you’ll benefit from getting an all terrain knee scooter.  An all terrain knee scooter will keep your injured knee or foot safely elevated, while still allowing to you to be mobile by pushing the knee scooter  with your stronger leg. Just like an all terrain walker, an all terrain knee scooter is designed to be just as effective outdoors as indoors.

I highly recommend the All Terrain Heavy Duty Knee Scooter on Amazon.

Why? It's an excellent alternative to clunky & uncomfortable crutches - and it's also thoughtfully designed for those of us who have a few extra pounds. 

The All Terrain Heavy Duty Knee Scooter supports up to 400lbs, has quality 12" tires that are great for uneven surfaces and has a cushy 3" thick knee pad. And I love that this All Terrain Heavy Duty Knee Scooter has a double bar construction, for discrete strength, but it still weighs only 27 lbs! And it's fully adjustable too.

Check Amazon's price on the All Terrain Heavy Duty Knee Scooter.

If you'd like to know more about the history of walkers, you can read this article on Wikipedia.

Are you having surgery on your knee, ankle, foot or leg? Then you’ll want to think about getting the best knee scooter to help you keep active and safe, while you heal. Learn more at my knee scooter information page.

Yes, an all terrain walker will really help keep you safely active when you're outdoors.