Adjustable Walking Canes Review

My adjustable walking canes review will give you the information you need to choose among the thousands of models on the market - to find the best one for you.  Or you loved one.

And you can see my #1 top pick for the best all-around adjustable cane: the stylish Hugo Derby cane on Amazon. It's streamlined, comes in 5 colors and the grip is incredibly comfortable. You can check Amazon's price on the Hugo Derby adjustable cane.

This is my #1 recommended folding cane for ladies: the  Duro-Med Adjustable Folding Cane on Amazon.  It adjusts to your specific height, and when you fold it, it's small enough to fit in your purse or bag! It has a lovely wood derby handle that looks sharp. But don't let the beautiful floral design fool you -it supports up to 250lbs. This Duro Med Folding Cane on Amazon is a great combination of feminine beauty, convenience and strength!

You can check Amazon's price on the lovely Duro-Med Adjustable Folding Cane on Amazon.

Adjustable Walking Cane Replacement Tips

There’s nothing like the comfort and help of a good adjustable walking cane when you need it! But, after you’ve put a lot of miles on your adjustable walking cane, you might notice that the tip has seen better days.

I highly recommend the Carex Replacement Cane Tips on Amazon.

There’s nothing like the comfort and help of a good adjustable walking cane when you need it! But, after you’ve put a lot of miles on your adjustable walking cane, you might notice that the tip has seen better days.

Never use any four prong or straight cane with a worn out tip. It’s dangerous and could cause you to trip and fall.

But don’t run out and buy a whole brand new cane either – just replace your worn out tip! Yes, replacement cane tips are inexpensive and easy to install. And they give a whole new life to your trusty cane.

I highly recommend this Pharmaceutical Specialties Quadruple Cane Tip on Amazon. It's a sturdy rubber tip that fits on most 3/4" diameter standard canes. It's lightweight and non-slip to give you better traction. And it will allow your cane to stand on its own!

Check Amazon's price on the Pharmaceutical Specialties Quadruple Cane tip.

You can get replacement tips for a 4 prong cane (quad cane) or a standard single point cane. You’ll save money and it will give more years to your cane.

What are adjustable walking canes?

You’ll hear the term a lot when you’re shopping for mobility aids and you just may be wondering “what are adjustable walking canes?”

Well, when you see a folding cane advertised as one of the adjustable walking canes, it means you’ll be able to adjust the cane height to your correct level. The correct cane height you should use while you walk is different for everyone because it depends on just how tall you are.

Adjustable walking canes can be set to different heights usually using a series of metal push buttons and holes that run along the shaft of a cane. You push in the metal button and move the shaft up & down to lengthen or shorten adjustable walking canes.

You can easily adjust your cane height using a series of metal buttons and holes along the cane shaft.Adjustable walking canes are so easy to customize!

This icy blue Carex adjustable folding cane, with wrist strap is elegant and practical. And I think its a great color and style for men & women! You can check Amazon's price on this Carex adjustable folding cane.

And other adjustable walking cane styles allow you to adjust the height using several tightening rings or knob along the base or shaft. You turn the tightening ring left to loosen it – and then you adjust the height. And you turn the tightening ring right to securely hold the set height while you walk.

And you will see some adjustable folding canes that use metal buttons and tightening rings/nobs too.

Personally, I prefer adjustable walking canes because they’re so easy to use. If you buy a non adjustable folding cane you can order it with a custom length to suit you. And as you can probably guess, ordering customer walking canes can get a little bit expensive.

Or, if you buy a non adjustable walking stick, you can always remove the rubber tip and cut the cane down to the correct size. Then replace the tip.

Who needs adjustable walking canes?

Adjustable walking canes are a great choice if you are looking for some light support or balance when you walk.  

But, before you start shopping, please remember that your correct cane height is extremely important! If you cane is too high, or too low, you'll run the risk of losing your balance - or falling. Or you could over-reach & injure yourself.

That's why I always recommend adjustable walking canes over  non-adjustable! So easy. I like being able to easily & quickly adjust the height of the cane - without  having to use a saw or cutter.

As you probably already know, non-adjustable canes need to be sized to your correct height by the manufacturer. Or you'll need to take the tip off, cut the shaft to the correct length, and put the tip back on, in order to size the non-adjustable cane yourself.

At the bottom of my page, I share easy instructions for measuring for your proper cane height!

testing a new walking caneHere I am trying out a new cane!
adjustable walking cane
adjustable folding cane

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Replacement Tips for Adjustable Canes

Choosing the Best Adjustable Walking Canes

First, do you need do you want a folding or non-folding walking cane? It's entirely your choice, but folding canes aren't just for travelling anymore. The newly designed folding walking canes are so versatile and handy - and just as strong as non-folding canes.  And many people have more than one folding cane to use on a daily basis.

The best thing about a folding cane is that you can discretely tuck it away anytime you don't need it - or when you're sitting down. Once its folded, its very small and can be put in your bag, your pocket or under your chair. No one will trip over your cane - and you don't need to lean it against a wall. Folding canes are really great to have when you're in a car, tax, bus, at the movies, in a restaurant, etc.

Second, what type of handle do you like? You'll see the classic round handle, offset handle and derby handles on adjustable walking canes.

This is a round handle adjustable walking cane.Round Handle Adjustable Cane
This is how offset adjustable walking canes look.Offset Adjustable Cane Handle
adjustable walking cane with derby handleDerby Adjustable Cane Handle

The round handle is a classic design. But I, like many other people, think the derby handle is a bit more stylish than the round handle. And the derby handle shape is definitely easier to grasp in your hand.

But if you've recently had an injury, surgery or have a disability, you probably want to consider an offset handle. An offset handle is designed to offer more stable support if you're recovering from surgery, injury or have a walking disability.

Lastly, if you're a larger person, your doctor or physical therapist may have recommended a bariatric adjustable walking cane. Bariatric canes are designed for those of us who are a bit heavier - but you don't  have to skimp on good design & style. The new bariatric canes are stronger, designed for comfort, yet still very attractive.

My Quick Cane Reviews in Addition to this Hurry Cane Review:

To save you time, I've listed my best cane reviews in these popular categories:

Most Stylish Cane for Men & Women:

The Hugo Derby adjustable cane on Amazon is my top pick for a stylish and streamlined cane that's perfect for both men & women! It comes in five colors and the cushioned grip is incredibly comfortable. 

Prettiest Offset Cane for Ladies:

This feminine & attractive Nova Ortho offset adjustable cane on Amazon comes in 13 designer patterns! Flowers, plaids, paisley and more! It's a high-quality offset cane that will also get many compliments. And the padded grip is ultra soft & comfortable.

Best Quad Cane for Men & Women:

This Duro Med adjustable small base quad is my top pick for anyone who needs a sturdy, quality cane that also  works well on steps. The smaller 6" x 8" rubber tipped base gives a lot of security and also fits on steps. This Duro Med quad cane on Amazon is an all-around winner.

Best Bariatric Cane for Men & Women up to 500lbs:

If you're looking for an adjustable cane that's designed for a larger sized man or woman, that's also  attractive, I highly recommend this great Nova Bariatric offset cane on Amazon! The sleek, elegant black color & design keeps it from looking medical or institutional. And it's very well built to accommodate up to 500lbs.  A classic!

Your Correct Adjustable Walking Cane Height

It's really easy to measure so that your cane fits properly!

Stand up in a relaxed but straight position. Wear the normal walking shoes that you wear everyday. Hang your arms at your side.

cane height

You'll see a crease/wrinkle where your hand meets your arm, right above your thumb - and that's where your proper cane height is. Here's my photo to show you:

Have someone measure from the floor up to the crease/wrinkle in your wrist. It's important to have someone else measure so that you'll be able to keep your wrist still.

The top of your cane should be the same height as the point on your wrist where you hand meets your arm. And you can round up to the nearest half inch if you have to.  

And don't forget that if you have a disability, injury, or have had recent surgery, your doctor or physical therapist can recommend a special walking pattern for you, cane style or answer any other questions.

And if you need some expert advice on how to walk safely with a cane, check out these walking tips from the  American Academy of Orthodpedic Surgeons.

Did you know that an adjustable folding cane is great to have for travel? Learn why on my folding cane review page.

I hope you've enjoyed learning about adjustable walking canes.