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Thank you for visiting my WalkingAidReview.com website. 

I also wanted to tell you a little bit about me because my goal is that my independent reviews will help you choose the right  mobility aid.

When I was a caregiver for my beautiful mother-in-law, Grace, I learned just how important it was to research & find the best tools to help her have the best quality of life. And to give her as much independence as possible. I learned that even the smallest things, like the correct height of a cane or a special feeding spoon, can make all the difference.

This is the typical selection of mobility aids you'll get at a drugstore.Selections at my local store were very limited - and here was no expert advice or help!

But when I looked for items at my local store, here's a picture of the odd assortment of items they offered - without any expert advice or help! It was discouraging & confusing.

I know, from first hand experience, that the correct mobility aid not only gives you freedom and independence - but it can reduce your risk of falling.

And I recently updated this website to include a new section about knee scooters. A lot of us seniors are getting knee surgery and these new knee scooters are a great alternative to crutches. So I've including some important buying tips and reviews so you can choose the best & safest knee scooter during your recovery.

That's the reason I wrote these tips & reviews:  to share what I've learned so I can help others choose the right mobility aids for the best life possible !

I gladly share my years of care giving experience to help you choose the right mobility aids and accessories that can truly make a difference in a persons life.

Privacy Policy & Affiliate Disclosure

  Privacy Policy & Affiliate Disclosure: I do not collect, use, store or disclose any data collected from my visitors/readers. Third party advertisers, like Google, may collect data or use cookies.  

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And I really want you to know that I do not accept any free mobility aids or merchandise from manufacturers! None! I write my own independent reviews and I include my honest opinion.  Pros and cons. I purchase, out of my own pocket, all my mobility products.

I thank you again for visiting my website & I truly hope I've been a small help to you or your loved ones. 

And as you know, my personal reviews & tips in no way replaces your own doctor or physical therapists advice/recommendations. You should always check with them before using a cane, walker, rollator or knee walker.

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