Best Gadget Canes Review

My reviews of the best gadget canes will help you find a cane that will do double duty as a flashlight, seat, umbrella, flask, clock, stun gun and much more! They give you more  than just stability & support while you walk.

This Nova Ortho-Med folding seat cane on Amazon is my top choice for stability while you walk - and a good seat when you need to rest! Weighs only 2 lbs! The black color is elegant and that keep its from looking too medical or generic.

The bold and stylish Black 8 Ball cane with genuine beech wood shaft is great for anyone who loves the game! The Black 8 Ball cane on Amazon. The 8 ball feels smooth and comfortable in your hand and you can feel the fine quality.  And it's a great conversation starter!

The Pathfinder Lighted Safety Cane on Amazon is a recommended pick for anyone  who needs a cane. Walk confidently in the dark or in darkened areas - and easily go up & down steps. This cane is a huge help on uneven terrain. It's adjustable and the offset handle is very stable. This is one of my favorite canes of all time!

The Drive Medical T handle Umbrella Cane is a very stylish choice for both sun & rain protection. The opening mechanism is very smooth & easy - which is good for stiff hands. And the height is also easily adjustable on this Drive Medical Umbrella Cane on Amazon. 

This Fritz Brass 3 pc Flask Cane is elegantly styled in stained wood with an attractive brass derby handle. Classy. And, of course, a handy hidden flask to store your favorite drink! I really like that this cane easily breaks down into 3 pieces that can easily be packed in a suitcase or bag. The Fritz Brass Flask Cane on Amazon.

With this Royal Canes Small Ball Clock Cane you get style & function! It's made of beautiful natural wood with a ball shaped handle that's designed for comfort. It feels really good in your hand. And the clock at the top of the handle gives it's great functionality. And don't worry - the clock face is crack reistant. A classy, functional statement cane.  The Royal Canes Small Ball Clock Cane on Amazon.

Can you believe they make taser gadget canes? The first thing you have to love about this Zap Self Defense Cane with Flashlight is that it's Made in the USA! This is a stun gun cane with a 1 million volt charge  and it easily adjusts in height from 32" to 36".  And it also has a max weight capacity of up to 250lbs. And I really love the small built in flashlight. By pushing the button on the cane, you'll activate the distinctive & loud tasing sound which really  discourages 2 leg & 4 legged attackers! The Zap Taser Self Defense Cane with Flashlight on Amazon.

Have fun with your gadget cane!

A gadget cane is a very popular choice because they come in some very stylish, comfortable and clever designs. I know many people who collect more than one. 

Yes, they're great to have - and fun to use - but don't forget that your cane height is very important as you shop around!

You'll see gadget canes in adjustable and non-adjustable models. Adjustable models easily adjust to the individual walker. But non-adjustable models need to be custom sized by the manufacturer - or you'll need to cut it down to size before you use it.

To cut a cane down to your proper height, you'll usually need to remove the tip, cut off the extra length then put the tip back on. You can easily fall if your gadget cane is the wrong height.

Most Popular Types of Gadget Cane & Reviews Below:

gadget canes

Folding Seat: Models with folding seats are great if you occasionally need to sit down & take a break from walking, shopping, etc.

Just use it as a cane while you walk, and in seconds, it turns into your own resting seat.

Pool stick: If you, or your loved one, likes playing pool you might want to consider a stylish pool stick cane. There are canes that covert to a full sized pool stick. And there are canes that feature a genuine cue ball as the handle.

Lighted:  These are so handy and helpful! The new lighted canes are designed with a small button, on the handle, to activate their high powered bulb that’s placed along the shaft of the cane. They are fantastic to use in the dark, less bright areas or on steps.

Umbrella: If you spend time outside, an umbrella cane is a great choice for rain and sun protection. They come in many beautiful colors & patterns too.

Flask: Need a nip now  & then? Flask canes will make sure you can have a sip of your favorite beverage wherever you walk!  They have clever internal flasks hidden within the shaft. 

gadget canes

Clock: Do you like to know what time it is? Then you’ll want to check out the lovely canes with clocks built right into the ball shaped handles. 

Self Defense or Protection:  You’ll see several interesting types of self-defense models including club canes, sword canes and stun gun canes. Club canes are usually made of a very heavy hardwood with a brass or carved wood top. A sword cane has a concealed blade or point. And the stun gun canes have a built-in taser! Amazing. You can use these to protect yourself from animals or thugs.

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